Dreamfall Chapters “extremely likely” for next-gen consoles
posted on 06.26.13 at 05:38 PM EDT by (@admeady)
Wii U version possible, but not promised because of low specs.

Dreamfall Chapters‘ chance of appearing on next-gen consoles is “extremely good,” lead developer Ragnarok Tornquist told Eurogamer.

“We are preparing to go to consoles,” Tornquist said at Rezzed 2013, “without officially announcing anything. We are keen on getting this game to as many people as possible.”

“The game works extremely well in a TV/couch scenario – it’s a perfect game for that.

“We’re building a game that has cross-platform technology anyway, so I think the chances are extremely good that we’ll land on one or both of the next-gen consoles.”

Tornquist and developer Red Thread are currently in ongoing discussions with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, but negotiations with Sony are furthest along, he said.

“We have started dialogue with Microsoft, yeah,” he said. “The Xbox One and Microsoft, they get a lot of flack, but it’s still an extremely interesting platform for us, obviously, and it’s going to be huge.

“I’ve officially also said that Sony is a lot more inviting and welcoming to indie developers, so it’s a lot easier for us to start that dialogue and get support. It is a bit harder with Microsoft but it’s not like we’re excluding anything.

“The PlayStation 4 is definitely an interesting platform for us right now,” he stressed.

As for Wii U, discussions with Nintendo are still ongoing, but as it’s less powerful compared to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Tornquist “can’t make any promises.”

“We’re going to look at getting the game running on Wii U and then we’ll make decisions depending on how that goes and what we see the market possibilities are doing,” he said. “Like I said, we don’t want to exclude anything, so we’ll try anything.”

  • KnifeAndFork

    Why is her face so different from the last game? Is that the same character? I dun like it…

  • Zackasaur

    This would be a welcome addition to the PS4 game library.

  • Willgaea

    Dreama… where are you Dreama? Are you on the next-gen consoles Dreama? My wife wants this game.

  • Elvick

    I proudly backed ‘em. :3

    Would love to have this on PS4.

  • artemisthemp

    I would love, if they gave the Kickstarter backers a choice to get the PS4 version instead of PC version.