Bayonetta 2 E3 trailer, screenshots
posted on 06.11.13 at 12:08 PM EDT by (@salromano)
First details on Platinum's upcoming sequel.

Nintendo and Platinum Games have released the debut gameplay trailer and first screenshots of Bayonetta 2 at E3.

In the upcoming sequel, Bayonetta will have new weapons and abilities, such as her new Umbra Climax, which can summon demonic monsters in echange for magic points.

The game will offer Normal and Touch gameplay styles. Normal mode represents the classic control scheme of the previous game. Touch mode, on the other hand, offers a “more convenient” play style for those unfamiliar with action games or are looking for a new spin on action. Players will use the GamePad controller’s touch screen to “easily manipulate” Bayonetta as she moves, attacks, and evades enemies.

Bayonetta’s longtime friend and fellow witch Jeanne will also appear as a non-playable character to assist Bayonetta in combination attacks.

Beyonetta 2 will also allow off-TV GamePad play.

Watch the gameplay trailer below. View the screenshots at the gallery.

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  • Adol Christin

    Love the hair ;)

  • Locksus

    One of my most expected titles! Too bad it’s not coming out until next year :(

  • Demolish

    trust me,someday u will see it on ps4 :)

    • Locksus

      You won’t, because Nintendo funded the game

      • PrinceHeir

        the only way this could be PS4, is if they make a director’s cut ala Sigma version.

        the game is based on Bayonetta 2, but completely different in terms of level design and combat(story is the same with minor adjustments)

        • Locksus

          Hm, we’ll see. You never know :p

        • Budgiecat

          Which I could see happening…

  • PrinceHeir

    i actually love her new redesign :D

    the short hair is sexy and hot! even Jeane has longer hair(lol did they switch hairs?)

    did anyone noticed at the end that there were two “bayonetta”?

    im guessing this is a time paradox where both meet each other and kicking both asses(same thing with Jeane)

    while it’s a shame sony didn’t fund this project, im just glad nintendo step up to the plate and gave us Bayoneta 2

    i hope they port Bayonetta 1 as well for Wii U so we could play the series in one console.

    in any case good stuff nintendo!!!!!

    • Demolish

      yeah she look hot and cute,

      but remember the little girl may she growing up.

    • KingNigma

      I think Jeane’s hair was tied in a bun but its cool to see the switch up.

    • Locksus

      Yeah, even though I’ve already played Bayonetta, I’d definitely love to get it for Wii U.

    • Kobracon

      Dayum Jeanne got hot! I got a thing for long hair and the color red so…..yeah…YAY JEANNE!

  • Genesis

    Bayonetta looks phenomenal! Man, this is what I’ve been waiting for! <3

  • KnifeAndFork

    She still has a giraffe neck

    • shiiiiiiiiet

      That’s a good thing..

      • Budgiecat

        why why

        • shiiiiiiiiet

          deep throat

  • Zero

    The trailer was great. =)

    • Locksus

      Truly :) I’ve to watch it one more time :P

  • Alkaid

    Seeing Jeanne with long hair and Bayonetta with short hair is a bit weird for me, but it looks really nice! Now I wanna see more. xD

  • dior

    Always had a thing for short hair!

  • 2+2=5

    I’m a fan of short haired girls, but i really don’t like the new look, compare this

    to this


    The same applies to jeanne that had an awesome design in the original game.


    • Budgiecat

      imo, 1st game had better outfit, 2nd game has better hairstyle.

  • $18114340

    I’m getting news from Joystiq and Siliconera that the game will have a 2P mode.

    • Locksus

      Plausible, considering that Jeanne is assisting Bayonetta in this game.

  • MrKappa

    I usually hate when people with long hair get it all chopped but Bayonetta is looking hot as hell, the new design is good.
    Now I just hope the gameplay is not lag city because it looked like a lot was going on.

  • BizarreJelly

    Absolutely adore Bayonetta so i’m all for this! Not too sure about the new look though, whole point of her magic is to do with her hair so having it short doesn’t sit right with me… Minor issue :P

  • bloodiOS

    In my honest opinion, the new designs for the characters look completely and utterly shitty. What’s wrong with keeping the old style? Ugh, I’m having flashback about seeing Yuna’s new design in Final Fantasy X-2, only this is ten times worse…

    Okay, let’s see if the game can maintain 60fps at 720p… it should be possible now, right? Seeing that there are a bunch of low-res textures and a plethora of jaggies (meaning no AA) outside of cutscenes…

  • Elvick

    Well they’re trying too hard.

    I don’t like the new design, and if her hair is short all around (couldn’t tell really) then how the hell is her outfit part of her hair? Thus, why does it disaappear when she uses it to summon things?

    • DrForbidden

      Pubic hair?

      • Budgiecat

        Japanese girls are known to grow theirs out epically

  • talesoffan

    Short-haired girls are ruining the world. If you got nice hair grow it!

    • DrForbidden

      I downvoted you for being insulting to women. Regardless of your preferences, you don’t get to tell others how they can or should wear their hair, or imply that women who like to wear their hair short are somehow wrong. At least phrase your comment so that it is more clearly an opinion.

      • Guest

        I voted you down because it’s a tongue in cheek comment and what right do you have to tell me what I get to say or not. My opinion is if you have nice hair then you should grow it and Bayonettas hair was very nice to look at in the first game.

        • DrForbidden

          If you were making a tongue-in-cheek comment, then mark it as such, or provide exposition and context. It can otherwise be construed as inappropriate. And before you try to argue that it’s not, try replacing ‘short-haired girls’ with any number of things, like ‘black people who tracksuits’ or ‘men with male-pattern baldness’ or ‘old people who use dentures’.

          Sure, you have preferences and are entitled to them, but the women of the world do not exist as your eye-candy, and your remark implies that they are destroying society merely by not living up to your standards of beauty, like wallflowers or objects that have no purpose other than looking good to you. That’s what irked me about it.

          As for what right I have to tell you off? You’re right, I probably don’t have any more right to that than you do making your semi-sexist comment. Which is why I accept any downvotes I get. Fair’s fair.

          • Budgiecat

            I gave both of you guys upvotes because it was a slightly interesting read…

            • DrForbidden

              Thank you.

  • DrForbidden

    I actually like her outfit and hair better in this game.

  • Carlos Luis Ayala

    Why the hell is Segas logo there I thought they abandobed it

    • bloodiOS

      It is, unfortunately, still their IP…