Xbox One controller’s “Menu” and “View” buttons detailed
posted on 05.25.13 at 12:09 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Replacing Xbox 360's "Start" and "Back" buttons.

Microsoft has detailed the “Menu” and “View” buttons on the new Xbox One controller, which replace the Xbox 360 controller’s “Start” and “Back” buttons.

The Menu button, located on the right, will pull up “context-specific menus which game and app developers can design to enhance the user experience,” Microsoft told IGN. It can be used by game developers to bring up in-game videos, show video playback options, or accessing commands on the console’s user interface.

The View button, located on the left, is a developer-programmed button that “will change views or provide more information in games and apps.” It can be used, for example, in a role-playing game to pull up a map, or in a first-person shooter to pull up a leaderboard.

Xbox One launches later his year.

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  • Azuardo

    So these essentially could act just like the PS4’s new Options and Share buttons? Why is it that both companies have decided to do away with Start and Select and go with these? It seems odd that both companies almost “agreed” to do the same thing. It can’t be coincidence that both Sony and MS decided to do away with Start and Select.

    • Kurisu Makise

      The meaning for “Start” and “Select” kinda just washed away over the years. “Options” and “Menu” are more fitting. Just evolution honestly, I like that it’s developer specific too, so hopefully PS4 is the same way in that regards, though it seems there’s a bit more freedom on Xbox One to utilize the two buttons, whereas PS4 it’s just Options, as the other button is the Share Button.

      • Azuardo

        Yeah, I guess so. Maybe developers gave their input to both Sony and MS and they came to a similar conclusion.

        • Kurisu Makise

          Definitely seems that way and of course it’s good that 2 of the platform holders went out to developers to have important discussions like this.

          • DarthNemesis

            No MS never talked to developers like Sony as their buttons are not bringing anything new to the game.

            • Kurisu Makise

              How is a developer programmed button not bringing anything new to the game? We don’t know what kinds of things can be setup as as a result of that, nor how the context sensitive menu button will assist in gameplay experiences. What is easy to see is MS obviously did talk with developers about those features.

      • hush404

        Yeah, that makes sense. Start no longer starts a game :P

        • Kurisu Makise

          A lot of the time it’s usually the primary face button (X) or (A) so y’know =P!

      • ( `Д´)ノ)`ν゜)

        Don’t forget that the PS4’s controller also has a touchpad.

        • Kurisu Makise

          Very true and not just a touchpad, multi-touch; which I’m pretty happy about as that should assist well in RTS, board games, MMOs and specific puzzles/interactions in games, like the classic security code to open a door.

    • DarthNemesis

      MS has said nothing about being able record and take screenshots of game play so it is not the same as the share button.

      • Azuardo

        I’m sure I heard recently something about being able to record gameplay, and definitely about Skype calling friends to take over your game. I wonder…maybe there’ll be the same features for both, or maybe recording/screenshotting really will only be on PS4. I guess we’ll see.

  • Derpazu


  • DichaTesoro

    Wait…so how do you pause the game?

    • Namekaze_Minato


  • BigDix

    Basically View does the same thing it’s always done as the SELECT button, and the Menu button…will also presumably do the same thing the START button has done. It just now has the Guide button folded into it, which includes all the playback/sharing garbage.

    The sheer stupidity of randomly relabeling Start and Select like this really is in perfect keeping with Microsoft’s “vision”. I can’t even believe this has been a point of speculation. Nothing has functionally changed about these buttons, but they are working every angle to make a controller that’s practically the exact same as the 360’s sound like it’s shaken the game up somehow. “The function of the View button will be driven by developers.” Yeah, like EVERY button on every game controller yet with the sole exception of Home, PS, Guide, etc. It just sounds so much better when you spit out a load of trumped up rubbish to turn what shouldn’t even be a story into some groundbreaking advancement.

    • Elvick

      Well, Sony replaced Select and Start too. Though, Select got a completely new function (share) and Start just became a more fully featured ‘options’ button.

      I will agree that MS’s re-labeling doesn’t really seem like it makes any difference. They sound basically the same as before. The menu (or options for Sony) term is more accurate for the start button though. Start barely is needed to start a game after all. :P Now both systems have a more accurate name for start.

      And select was rarely ever used at all, and if it was it wasn’t to select things. So select was long overdue for an overhaul. But, MS didn’t seem to do anything new with it. It’s still the select button, but with a new name. While Sony completely replaced it with something else.

      It’s like they wanted to change the buttons after Sony did, but didn’t really know what to do with them. So just renamed them. That’s how it seems to me.

      I’m glad that start is now a more accurately named button, but both buttons for MS still do the same thing.

      • BigDix

        Even though I couldn’t care less about the Share button, the PS4 at least does do something novel in terms of face buttons by creating a new dedicated one while merging Start and Select into Options, as opposed to just renaming the individual buttons. Which is what Microsoft’s done. More than anything though, I can’t stand their pompous bullshit “revealing” how their mYsTeRiOuuuuSSSSS new buttons are “driven by developers.” It literally means NOTHING. They’re blowing more smoke up people’s asses pretending anything they do advances games.

        Otherwise, I honestly don’t see any need to overhaul the names… That’s kinda the point. If they did something different, name changes make sense. If they don’t, it magnifies the pointlessness. it’s true though; I’m sure that the motivating factor behind all this is Microsoft’s lofty hopes of selling the system to first-time games console buyers on its All-in-One bells and whistles, where they then go, “Durh, how come the map button says Select!?”

        • DarthNemesis

          The share button will be used by everyone even you. Sony was smart to integrate the ability to record game footage and take in game screenshots which has been long over due. You might think you don’t care, but I guarantee you will use it often.

          Everything else about MS is spot on though.

          • BigDix

            If you’re planning on going nuts with the Share button and its functions, that’s you. I don’t think you should guarantee what I will or won’t use. While anything is possible and I’ve been turned around before, I think we know what we’re getting with Share and I don’t care about it.

  • shogunknight

    Well, its not like if you press any of those buttons the game wont pause automatically, so its still a win-win situation.

  • Jimmy Dean

    Sounds confusing and pointless

  • Nice Boat

    Microsoft really knows how to get me hyped for the PlayStation 4.

  • Itsudatsu Yoake (逸脱夜明け)

    I don’t like how Sony and Microsoft relabeled the names. I will always love the classic “Start” and “Select.” I understand the change of “Select” since Sony is using it as a “Share” button, but I don’t see how one “Option” will do what two buttons did. Perhaps that’s why the TouchPad is clickable.

    Microsoft on the other hand, just renamed the buttons. Even though in the end the renamed buttons are quite accurate, I will always prefer my “Start” and “Select” buttons.

    • bloodiOS

      Well, in the first place, the preceding generations of Xbox controllers never had a button with the “Select” label…

  • bloodiOS

    Why do buttons have be colored again? Why can’t they be all white with a clear cover (like the Vita)?

  • HassanJamal

    Why change the names? They function just like their past names.

    • Joshua Tribble

      Because they no longer start and go back? It makes more sense now.

      • My1

        I once played an xbox game and I was pretty sure be was for cancel/back functions inside the game. the name back somehow doesnt make any sense at all.

  • Willgaea

    They probably had to take away the pause button, because the system would see you as inactive, and kick you off the game. Bathroom breaks are a thing of the past now that we have “always play” built into all X1’s