The Last of Us demo walkthrough, review screenshots
posted on 05.31.13 at 11:55 PM EDT by (@salromano)
See the God of War: Ascension early access demo in action.

The early access demo for The Last of Us, included as a bonus for early God of War: Ascension consumers, was made available for download today.

A full walkthrough of the demo, courtesy of YouTube user HystericalGamez, can be seen below. Additionally, a review of the game published before the June 5 embargo (and since removed) has shared 15 new screenshots. View those at the gallery.

The Last of Us, developed by Naughty Dog, launches for PlayStation 3 on June 14.

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  • bloodiOS

    Why don’t they include the Lincoln and Pittsburg level, I wonder… This is the least exciting level of the three.

    • Fabian Ortiz

      Yeah Idk why they didn’t give us that. Can’t wait to play and record the full game though. Hopefully it’ll get full page treatment just like this did.

    • GhostNomad

      After not keeping up with many games over the last two months, seeing these videos…. I am ready for the 14th.

  • EspadaKiller

    I’m downloading it now! :D

    • Fabian Ortiz

      Remember! After 50% you can start playing!

  • Aly Hesham

    could you please answer this question without spoilers : is Last of Us open world or linear ? Thanks

    • Fabian Ortiz

      The World Itself is Open. You’re allowed to explore, and go Generally anywhere you’d like, but the story itself is Limited.

      You can explore on the way to your next objective, and usually those explorative moments are the MOST satisfying moments in the game.
      Not only because you found something cool, or you gained a trophy, but because it strengthens the bonds between you and your characters, and further deeply roots you into the world and they mythos of The Last of Us.

      • Aly Hesham

        So for example, can I back track to the beginning of the game at any point in the game.I just want to feel a world that is complete…I would hate the structure of the game to be like RE6 where places just dissapear once you are past them..Thanks for your reply.

        • Fabian Ortiz

          Oh i’m not sure about that. There are certain world events that keep that from happening. Thinking about it further, the game spans a LONG mass of time. It involves a few time skips, and I don’t think you can go back to old areas.

          So yeah. Its Linear, but it is a very Free, Open, Linear experience. My explanation isn’t doing it justice.

          & No problem. I’m happy to reply!

    • Prodigy-X

      Its sort of linear but you get to explore in certain areas of the game on that linear path.

  • Prodigy-X

    I don’t like the way the guy is playing.

    • Fabian Ortiz

      I apologize for this. I did a second playthrough and I was A LOT better at it.
      I promise to do way better when the game releases. Now I know what to expect. I’ll get it done professionally, and do the game justice.

      • Prodigy-X

        Oh this was your first time. I thought you had already played it and then did it again for the upload, my bad.

        • Fabian Ortiz

          No problem! I’m going to be picking it apart, so please come back on release day for the full walkthrough!

          • Prodigy-X

            Sure will, since I have to wait longer after it releases.

            • Fabian Ortiz

              Sorry to hear that. Hopefully I can do it justice so you can enjoy it.

  • PrinceHeir

    amazing stuff :D

    sadly i may have to pass this and wait till december when they roll out the multiplayer mode.

    not to mention tons of backlog, so enjoy those who are buying this day!

    • HassanJamal

      Wait, isnt the MP coming with the full game? Also, I’d get away from the net if you’re not playing TLOU as soon as possible. Some douchebags like to reveal and talk bout the game’s story when they’ve done.

      • PrinceHeir

        yes they said it’s coming out on december.

        that’s why there’s no trailer or some sorts of the multiplayer.

        could be spoilery from the story?

        yeah im already staying away from youtube trailers.

        even listening to the OST, they use spoilers thumbnail pics.

        so best bet, ignore any The Last of US releated videos till december ^^

        • HassanJamal

          Got a link for that december thing?
          Also good luck with staying away from any TLOU spoilers. At least these few months since right now its going to be a huge game to talk bout.

  • Cry_Zero

    I hope the graphics will be better than this. This looks worse than Uncharted 2. But i heard the demo is some 3 month old so. :/

  • Budgiecat

    Will there be a shower scene?

    • Fabian Ortiz

      Lmao hopefully not.

  • rockman29

    A review comparing a game to Citizen Kane… yea not going to trust that one. Looked like some half ass 6 paragraph review from what I saw on GAF.

  • Kobracon

    The demo was short, but sweet. I thought things were a bit too quiet till I got to the last part and died to the clicker like…10 times before I remembered I had a gun! (been trying to stealth it up the whole time but a lack of a Soliton Radar kinda handicapped me :P)

    The action was fast and brutal and they know how to instill the same fear or clickers the characters have into the player. Those mofos are a bitch. The close quarters combat was very realistic and contextual to the environment. All in all, I can’t wait to play more