Tecmo Koei announces E3 2013 lineup; confirms Atelier Meruru Plus, Toukiden for western release
posted on 05.28.13 at 11:37 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Plus, a release date for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate.

Tecmo Koei has announced its lineup for next month’s E3, confirming localizations for Atelier Meruru Plus: The Apprentice of Arland and Toukiden on PS Vita in the process, as well a final release date for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate.

Get the full lineup below.

  • Atelier Meruru Plus: The Apprentice of Arland (PSV / September 3) – Atelier Meruru Plus: The Apprentice of Arland is the next installment in the popular series from famed developer Gust. Atelier Meruru Plus adds new elements of land development to the RPG and simulation game system, providing additional depth and gameplay in this anime-style adventure. In addition, extra content and features are packed in including new costumes, new endings, and all the DLC from the PS3 version. Fans will have an opportunity to see what unfolds in this third and final game in the Arland series.
  • Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate (PS3, 360 / September 3) – Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate heightens the signature Dead or Alive fighting style with the inclusion of new modes from Dead or Alive 5 Plus, dynamic new stages, and deadly new fighters to deliver the ultimate in fighting entertainment. Players will take on the roles of their favorite Dead or Alive fighters—as well as combatants new to the franchise—in an intense, action-packed brawler set in visually striking locations from around the world. The famed Dead or Alive hand-to-hand combat is enhanced with new content that extends the experience. Along with a rich array of single-player modes including story mode, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate offers online options with arcade-style matches, tournaments, and social features making it the most definitive Dead or Alive experience to date.
  • Dynasty Warriors 8 (PS3, 360 / July 16) – Dynasty Warriors 8 returns to the kingdoms of Wei, Wu, Shu, and Jin, through the actions of historical military and political figures of the time, as they fight to gain control over the Three Kingdoms of China. The much loved series takes one step further, merging numerous replay elements such as multi-endings and extra modes with synergies between action and game systems. With all new enhancements to Story Mode, new scenarios, new and returning characters, and more, Dynasty Warriors 8 promises to offer fans the most complete Warriors experience to date. Take to the battlefield with the greatest warriors in history and carve your path to glory!
  • Toukiden (PSV / Q4 2013) – Toukiden takes Tecmo Koei’s expertise in historically themed games to an expansive fantasy world influenced by historical and traditional Japanese elements. Developed by the same studio that created the famed Dynasty Warriors series, this all-new franchise casts players in the role of a demon-fighting Slayer. Starting from the Utakata Village headquarters where they will accept quests, players will venture out to battle monstrous and deadly Oni (demons) before they destroy all of humanity.
  • Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z (PS3, 360 / Early 2014) – In Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, players will battle fierce zombies as Yaiba, a cyborg ninja who will do anything to get revenge and stay alive. Cleaved in two, he is brought back to life with cyber-technology. Brandishing his ninja sword and the mecha weapons in his cyborg arm, he slaughters zombies with brutal, over-the-top abandon. Step into a stylized living comic book where stunning graphics depict a world gone mad. Hordes of undead can only be stopped by Yaiba’s willingness to use any means necessary to get the job done. Will he kill by turning his cyborg arm into a razor chainsaw for slicing up undead—or just rip off an opponent’s arms to use as zombie nunchucks? Both possibilities fill Yaiba’s heart with twisted laughter in this upcoming collaboration between famed developers Team Nnja and comcept’s Keiji Inafune.

E3 runs from June 11 to 13.

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  • Duc PC-QB

    Yes just keep the Vita localization coming ~~~~

  • bldudas

    Hopefully Atelier Meruru will be a physical release.

  • Renzouri

    Toukiden was a pleasant surprise.

  • refrain

    Meruru Plus FUCK YES!

  • Jesse

    Atelier Meruru Plus caught my attention.

  • ( `Д´)ノ)`ν゜)

    Toukiden is also a PSP game. Did they only confirm a Vita localization or both?

    • veruses

      No PSP Localization. Vita only.

    • http://gematsu.com/ Sal Romano

      PSV only.

    • Azoz

      Its better on VITA.

      I was afraid they will localize the PSP version only.

  • Adol Christin

    Digital or Physical. I’m just happy Tecmo is localizing Atelier Meruru Plus :)

  • Hating Ass Nigga

    Hopefully Toukiden is a physical copy otherwise pass.

  • Hikaru Lighthalzen

    if meruru+ didnt have retail version ,i m not going to buy any game from temco koei america anymore

    • Ladius

      As much as I like physical releases and Vita, Atelier is probably too niche to justify a physical edition for an updated port on a console that is far from being a big seller. I would buy it day one if they made a physical edition, though.

      • Hikaru Lighthalzen

        well , they already made some mess there , with totori digital only , and ayesha , no japanese voice :/ , its like they didnt even care with the series :/

  • Atinverse

    Toukiden and Meruru. Thank you Tecmo, here I was doubting you.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/playstationunity DXVII

      Toukiden alone was enough for me to break out my wallet, just give me a damn pre-order already and it will be MINEEEEEE!!!

  • DesmaX

    Oh, they actually talked about Atelier Meruru this time around

  • Nanashi Kinohara

    Meruru Plus yay yay yay, I don’t mind PSN only xD

  • http://www.santashi.com/ Santashi

    Advance notice for Atelier this time! ;) Definitely getting Meruru – I loved playing Totori on the Vita.

    • BossTuff

      Agreed! I’m glad the ‘art direction’ is consistent between the games too.

  • Folk Hellfang

    Ahh yeah, Toukiden. I believed and it happened. So good.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bob-Obb/100001994017630 Jimmy Dean

    Not even a hint at DOAX3… I guess they’re content to resell us the rest of the DOAX2 bikinis as DLC in DOA5U :/

  • http://www.staticshin.com/ Akshat Jiwan Sharma

    Whoa! I can’t wait for toukiden!

  • http://www.psvitadirect.com/ Kurisu Makise

    I’m so totally in love with Tecmo Koei right now. Toukiden, Meruru+, Dynasty Warriors 8, if I wasn’t a little upset about Dead or Alive Ultimate (that being there seems to be no signs of Vita getting that extra content anytime soon), I’d be on some crazy fangirl high.

  • PrinceHeir

    DOA5 Ultimate and Dynasty Warriors 8!!!!!!

    Atelier Meruru Plus and Toukiden for Vita goodness :D

    awesome line-up, now can we have Warriors of Orochi 4 on PS4.

    what about Samurai Warriors 4 for the 10th anniversary next year?

  • AdachiTohru

    Vita on fire !

  • xMCXx

    Already read a review on DW8.
    Seems pretty good. Probably gonna get it.
    My first Warriors game since Samurai Warriors 1! xD

  • InternatlGamer3

    what about “Ni-Oh” i’ve been waiting for this game since 2005. Just like I have been waiting for “Final Fantasy Versus XIII” I mean FFXV which has shifted development to PS4 or so I hear.

  • $24431191

    Meruru Plus better include the Japanese audio and have a physical release. It also better have this thing called “a release date”. Same goes for Toukiden. I still don’t like the American branch of TK but they can prove themselves by not fucking it up this time. Just announcing the game is a start but they better deliver.

    • doubleO7

      Meruru+ has a release date. September 3rd. Its right there in the aritcle.

      • $24431191

        I completely missed that. Thanks for pointing it out.

  • Solomon_Kano

    So… even with its treatment, Totori+ apparently sold well enough for them to bring Meruru+? Interesting. Good job, TK.

    • artemisthemp

      There is no Rorona+.
      It was Totori+ and well been nr. 1 in US and nr. 5 in EU in saling Vita must be something :)

      Just hope it’s enjoy to bring us a Box copy

      • Solomon_Kano

        Ah, whoops.

  • Elvick

    On the plus side, at least they mentioned Meruru+ before it comes out (whenever that is). Here’s hoping they actually set a date too, instead of shoving it out on PSN randomly.

    I want to be happy, but I’m sure it’ll be digital only AND full price like Totori+ so I have no interest in supporting that bullshit.

    I’m glad they are localization Toukiden, don’t know much about it, but more games in the west is nice. Hopefully it’s a retail. Vita needs more retail releases to show random consumers it DOES get games.

    • Ladius

      The article already mentioned it, but Meruru Plus is coming the 3rd of September.

  • Ryumoau

    Dynasty Warriors 8 is the only one i have interest in, but i refuse to pay more than $40 for it if it ends up being digital only and un-dubbed like DW7 Empires was.