Sony teasing new PS Vita hunting game?
posted on 05.16.13 at 05:58 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Those marumaru! What could they stand for?

Phantasy Star Online 2, Soul Sacrifice, Toukiden, Ragnarok Odyssey Ace, and God Eater 2. Those are this year’s PS Vita hunting games, according to a new Japanese TV spot for the handheld.

But there’s one more.

Below the list of games, shown above, is “〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇.”

Those circles are called marumaru, a commonly used placeholder symbol in Japanese. It means something is supposed to be there, but they’re not quite at the point of telling you what it is yet.

Perhaps it’s the today-teased Panopticon, whose platform and genre have yet to be announced? If so, we’ll find out on May 21.

Watch the TV spot below.

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  • Watahashi

    Looking at the number of characters, Sony’s recently trademarked Freedom Wars seems to fit. フリードムウォーズ

    • Sal Romano

      Plausible. I wonder if it’s 9 characters intentionally, or if they just chose a random number of marumaru. モンスターハンター (Monster Hunter) is also 9 characters, but that’s without a number or subtitle following it. So if the actual amount of characters in the title is 9, I wouldn’t think it’s that.

  • Eclipse

    Lol, that guy sure got my attention.

    It’d be awesome if that Panopticon game ended up on the Vita, but I’d be happy with whatever console Sony decides to release it on.

  • Keegs79

    I am still wondering and anxious to hear what the big AAA Vita game suppose to be.

  • dior

    Man I’m actually really hyped for the Sony conference. Expecting lots of great Vita titles to be revealed.

  • Kefkiroth

    I’m somewhat worried that the big number of hunting games will cause the games to detract from each others’ sales.

    • Sevyne

      I wouldn’t worry too much. Once they finally find “the one” to fill the MH void that clicks and will really kick JP sales into full swing I’m sure that will become the main focus. Right now, they’re just trying to get to that point through trial and error. That’s not to say the others aren’t good (because PSO2 and SS I think really are good), but they have not clicked the way MH always has over there.

      The fact that they acknowledge the lack of MH as a problem and trying to remedy it can only be a good thing. It shows that they are actually trying to move units and give people the kind of games they want.

      • Elvick

        Nothing will click like MH. Just as nothing will click like Pokemon (in general), or Dragon Quest there.

        You just need to create your own fanbase and not worry about it. And personally, I think that’s better than perpetually placing importance on popular IPs rather than trying to carve out a place for new IPs.

        I also don’t think it makes much sense to judge anything new on whether it sells as much as something popular.

        • Sevyne

          Yes nothing will likely click like MH, but they do need something similar or good enough that Vitas start moving at a more healthy pace. Give the people what they want.

          As a business that isn’t financially doing so hot they probably should be worrying about it a lot, and I’m sure they are. Carving a small niche in a corner of the portable market will only make their situation worse even if people like you and I love those new and unique experiences (they also can and probably will keep giving us those).

          Most of what you are saying I can completely agree with as a gamer, but putting myself in their shoes I can see they’d be shooting themselves in the foot.

  • weilshiet

    モンスターハンター (Monster Hunter)


    • MogCakes

      Dammit, I wasn’t expecting that and now I have hope that it is MH…

    • Rafael Martines

      9 letters exact the same as the marumaru in the blackboard :)

      Would be awesome if is a Monster Hunter game I really want to play the series in a true handheld :D

    • veruses

      I want to believe…

  • Delta_Gamer

    God Eater 2!

  • Raiu


    Please let it be true…

  • Skerj

    I just hope that one of them has the or more importantly surpasses the adventure aspects of Monster Hunter. That’s something that most of the clones seem to surprisingly omit in lieu of missions/stages/battle arenas.

  • EspadaKiller

    It’s definitely Panopticon….

  • Adol Christin

    These titles will help the Vita a lot in Japan, but are niche in the west. Even the highly anticipated Soul Sacrifice didn’t help Vita sales much in the west. For the Vita to succeed (in the west), it needs titles like Vita exclusive GTA, proper COD game, FF etc. FFX HD and FFX-2 wil help somewhat but since its coming out for the PS3.. not by much though.

  • miyamoto

    Sony never ceases to amaze me!

  • PrinceHeir

    let’s go!!

  • Vernauth

    i hope its monster hunter

    let the panopticon to be new genre, since soul sacrifice are their monsters hunting game and its still new and fresh.

    Gran Turismo (Racing)

    Twisted Metal (Combat Vehicle)

    Killzone (FPS)

    God of War (Hack and Slash)

    Infamous (Sandbox)

    Patapon (Rhythm)

    Soul Sacrifice (Monster Hunting)

    Uncharted (Adventure)

    Little Big Planet (Platformer)

    The Last of Us (Horror)

    im just hoping panopticon are combination of third person shooter + sandbox RPG, they still didn’t had games for that right?

    monster hunting games are too many released recently. its like suicide if they make new IP for it.

  • HassanJamal

    I translated Panopticon into Japanese using google translate and its only 5 characters long. English, its 7 letters too long. Could be wrong though.

    • DXVII

      I think its Panopticon, whether the letters match or not its a random game that popped out of no where at the same time as this Commercial.

      Here’s hoping to more awesome PS Vita Multiplayer games! Games like Toukiden and these needs to hit the west.

      • HassanJamal

        As much as i like MP game on the go, Im hoping this Panopticon is not a mon hun game. We’ve got plenty of those coming already, Toukiden, GE2, PSO2 and SS.

        The reason I bought the vita wasnt mon hun, but console quality unique games on the go. SCEJ usually make the games that no one has before which is what im expecting from this title.

      • Gessekai

        That’s exactly why it’s NOT Panopticon. Why would they tease to announce a game that’s already been announced? You go to Sony’s Japan website, and they have this GIANT teaser ad for the new hunting game, and a small Panopticon ad right next to it. If your logic is correct, then eventually we will have two Panopticon ads. One small one, and one big one right next to each other.

  • An Tran

    Hm, weird how that list doesn’t include Lord of Apocalypse…guess it’s the least popular hunting game on Vita?