Sony Japan launches ‘Panopticon’ countdown site
posted on 05.09.13 at 07:03 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Reveal scheduled for Thursday, May 16.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has launched a new teaser site for something called Panopticon.

The company’s European branch trademarked the term “Panopticon,” which is Greek for “seeing everything,” back in February alongside the logo for the PlayStation 4 racer DriveClub.

The teaser site is not your typical one. For one, it is hosted on a Ustream broadcast. And two, it is counting upward to 1,00,000 years. The clock is urrently at 999,999 years, 358 days, meaning we should hear about the game next Thursday, May 16.

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  • Solomon_Kano

    So it was for a SCEJ game? Well, that was certainly unexpected. And we’ll hear about it next week? Well, color me excited.

    • Sal Romano

      Might not be an Japan studio game. There’s been SCEJ countdowns before for games developed by other Sony studios.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Oh. Well, it should be interesting to see who is developing this then.

  • Heartless ㅤ

    Waiting 1 million years?

    Must be Versus XIII.

    • AnimusVox

      Lol. Would be even funnier if your comment turned out to be true.

  • shogunknight

    hype hype HYPE! Wait, its a day after gran tourismo anniversary

  • Michael Garling

    The Panopticon was also a prison designed by (insert philosopher’s name here or whatever) where prisoners were engineered to believe that they may be under surveillance at any time.

    Because of the way leveling was used, however, they were not 100% sure. The idea was meant to essentially create a sort of paranoia, where the prisoner was never sure if they were being viewed or not, so they would also act under the assumption that they were, hence they’d never act up, never try and break out, etc.

    Could be cool if that comes into play here.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Now that’d certainly make for an interesting premise to a game.

  • Chaos Raiden

    A new IP from Sony keeps me interested all the way.

    • Lelouch Vi Britannia


  • PrinceHeir

    interesting :P

  • AdachiTohru

    Please for Ps vita !

    • DXVII

      Same here, PS Vita please although I doubt a game like this would be on PS4 however PS Vita so we can take it on the go.

  • new_tradition

    I honestly read this as Patapon first, lol.

  • Russell Gorall

    Everything Playstation has been amazing the past couple years.

    For gamers, at least.