Shadow of the Eternals crowd-funding campaign launched
posted on 05.06.13 at 01:19 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Watch nine minutes of CryEngine 3 gameplay.

Precursor Games has launched the official crowd-funding campaign for the Friday-teased Eternal Darkness successor Shadow of the Eternals.

The campaign confirms earlier leaks that it is an episodic action-adventure game, with the first episode slated for a Q3 2014 release across Wii U and PC.

The CryEngine 3-powered game is set to feature an “ensemble cast” and span over 2,500 years of human history. Precursor promises “players will question their own perception of reality as they progress through this mind-altering psychological horror.”

To complete the project, the studio needs $1.5 million. As of press time, the campaign has crowd-sourced just over $16,000. Those that chose to fund the project, however, should note that, as per its Terms of Use, “a donation cannot be cancelled or returned once it has been completed, whether or not Precursor Games completes the Game or fulfils the specified reward.” Also, “Precursor Games is under no obligation to complete the Game, or in the event completion is impossible, return any of the donations it has received.”

Watch a campaign video and nine minutes of gameplay footage below. View the first artwork and screenshots at the gallery.

Gameplay Footage

Campaign Video

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  • BigDix

    Ho-lee SHITE: Using PayPal and cooking up their own ToU on their own site so they’re not tied to Kickstarter’s regulations. That’s fucking low… As if crowdfunding wasn’t already dodgy business.

  • Sal Romano

    This looks really cool and all, but the fact that they feel they’re not obligated to complete a game you’re funding, and won’t give you your money back if they fail in doing so, doesn’t really help their case.

    • AnimusVox

      Yeah, I was jazzed about this announcement until I saw it was an episodic title.

  • Adol Christin

    I hope it succeeds. But Q3 2014 is a loooong way to go…

  • Adol Christin

    Why does everyone hate Denis Dyack?

  • Sevyne

    I was all on board for this project until I saw the ToU and how they are handling this entire thing. That is some shady stuff and I can’t justify putting any money towards it. I really want another Eternal Darkness, but not THAT much.

  • Budgiecat

    Cry engine 3? Looked like Unreal Engine 3 to me…

  • Elvick

    I hope this fails. Solely because the terms are very dangerous. Plus, I’ve read some articles about issues at the developer… and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture of the studio at all.

    Should track down that link… here it is.