Ryse confirmed for Xbox One
posted on 05.22.13 at 08:59 AM EDT by (@salromano)
"Controller-based gameplay enhanced by Kinect."

Ryse, Microsoft and Crytek’s first-person Kinect brawler announced for Xbox 360 at E3 2010, is skipping the current generation for Xbox One, Crytek has confirmed.

And it doesn’t appear to be as Kinect-heavy anymore. A new teaser site put up by Crytek today, which is counting down to Microsoft’s E3 press conference, says it will boast “controller-based gameplay enhanced by Kinect.” Players will “fight as a soldier,” “lead as a general,” and “rise as a legend.”

Microsoft’s E3 presser is set for June 10.

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  • Elvick

    So, even with improved technology in Kinect 2, they’re still ditching Kinect-only controls for it?

    How does that make sense?

    • Locksus

      Despite the fact that Kinect 2 might be more precise, nothing still beats controller/kb+m gaming.

      • Elvick

        Well, of course, but if this was originally a Kinect game… they’re basically openly admitting that Kinect 2 isn’t much better at pulling off any ‘real’ game.

        I’m sure it’ll be great for dance and exercise games though… but the majority of people that buy those, already likely have them on 360 with Kinect… so.

        • xMCXx

          Yeah, that’s basically it.
          They noticed that you can’t make a proper game only with Kinect.

  • kiri25

    Oh I see what you’re doing now MS.

    Moving the exclusive 360 games u’ve had in development to XBOX ONE to bring up that exclusive count to 15.

  • http://gematsu.com/ Sal Romano

    So I’ve been trying to piece together those exclusive games they mentioned:

    Existing IP (2 confirmed, 3 rumored out of 7 total)
    Forza Motorsport 5
    “Historic” Rare IP

    Crackdown [Rumored]
    Fable [Rumored]
    Project Gotham Racing 5 [Rumored]

    New IP (4 confirmed, 3 rumored out of 8 total)
    Black Tusk Space Shooter IP
    Lionhead MMO-like IP
    Quantum Break

    Family Game [Rumored]
    Insomniac Game [Rumored] – I’d assume this would be part-developed (a la Sony Santa Monica and indie devs) / published by Microsoft.
    Zombie Game [Rumored]

    • http://twitter.com/kazumalynx Zero

      You can maybe add the rumored Respawn game being exclusive.

      Edit: As for Ryse. I hate to say that I just don’t care about it anymore.

    • Al Buns

      None of that sounds interesting except Quantum Break and seeing as how they ruined Rare you can scratch that off they list (will probably be a Kinect game anyway), another shooter? …no thanks and a console MMO is not exciting which leaves Insomniac, but I doubt they would do anything exclusive to the Xbox as they have stated they want to do games for multiple consoles and working under MS would lead them to even more misdirections than EA.

    • https://twitter.com/Panda_castro Panda

      I think you should update it with this.


      Also add a Halo 2 remake. Halo as been a yearly franchise for quite a while.

      Halo 3: ODST September 22, 2009
      Halo: Reach September 14, 2010
      Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary November 15. 2011
      Halo 4 November 6, 2012

      It would be smart to remake one of the bests one for a new console and have it at launch.

      PS How to you do that thing were you write a word and have a link when you click it?