Rumor: Microsoft planning Xbox 360 dashboard update in preparation for next-gen Xbox
posted on 05.17.13 at 12:48 PM EDT by (@salromano)
New dashboard to refresh interface, add Live Tiles.

Microsoft is planning an Xbox 360 dashboard update in preparation for the next-generation Xbox set to be announced next week, according to The Verge sources “familiar with Microsoft’s Xbox plans.”

The dashboard will supposedly go into beta in late June or early July, and refresh the interace alongside smaller Live Tiles, similar to what Microsoft is preparing for Windows 8.1. The company is also said to be tweaking the look of the dashboard, with the possibility of lighter or darker themes.

According to the site, Microsoft is aiming to ensure Xbox 360 users can transition to the next-gen Xbox and still interact with existing Xbox 360 users through messaging, beacons, and achievements.

The site also claims Microsoft will get rid of its Microsoft Points system in favor of iTunes-like gift card options.

The final version of the dashboard update will supposedly be made available in August.

When questioned for comment, Microsoft said it doesn’t have “anything new to announce at this time.”


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  • Johnathan Rodriguez

    I like everything about this rumor.

    • Kurisu Makise

      It honestly sounds like a good advertising method, especially since the 360 will be around for a little while after the next Xbox is out on the market.

  • $733987

    Darn it. I rely on free ms points won through contests to buy all the games I own so far. Due to availability of codes, it’s far easier for those contests to give away ms points codes than to give away free codes for games. They had better allow us to convert all existing ms points to their equivalent in new credits or whatever they will be using as a replacement.

  • Joseph Steinhilpert

    now with more ads the longer you’ve been a gold member.

  • Tetsu

    It feels like they update the dashboard all the time, how many revisions have they gone through?

  • bldudas

    I’m just getting used to the last update. I hope it isn’t made worse.

    • DrForbidden

      Knowing MS, the new update will probably give the dashboard video ads in all pages of the dashboard that can never be turned off…

  • artemisthemp

    New Dashboard = You have to watch a Video Add before you can go to Xbox Menu and 1 every time, you start up a Game.