PlayStation 4 creator conversation: Diablo III
posted on 05.16.13 at 12:07 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Featuring John Hight, Josh Mosqueira, and Jason Bender.

The latest in Sony’s series of PlayStation 4 creator conversation videos talks Diablo III with Blizzard Entertainment production director John Hight, lead designer Joshua Mosqueira, and senior designer Jason Bender.

The three discuss how bringing Diablo III to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 has allowed them to transport players into their demon-filled world.

Watch it below.

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  • rockman29

    Valve should be bringing DOTA to PS4 as well.

    • $18114340

      why and how would they do that? Moreso the former than the latter. Especially given how much of a clusterfuck it is to patch games on consoles, who in their right mind would port a competitive game such as Dota 2 on the Playstation 4? They couldn’t even get the PS3 version of Counter-Strike Global Offensive to patch in sync with the PC version. If they were to port Dota 2 onto consoles, they’d also have to significantly rework its business model, since the game is dependent on microtransactions and huge sponsored tournaments to maintain a free to play model.

      A straight PS4 port of any mouse-and-keyboard centric PC game, much less a highly competitive and mature (in terms of development) game with a storied history and tradition such as Dota would not only be a bad fit for consoles and a terrible business decision for Valve, but would also probably cause a lot of outcry in the communities attached to the original.

      Mostly I’m just curious as to how console gamers think this would even work. Business and technicalities aside, anybody who’s even tried Dota out understands how mechanically complex these types of games are. They’re difficult enough to play with a mouse and keyboard with any level of skill and precision. How does anybody propose this sort of game for consoles without significant changes to how it fundamentally works? Diablo 3 on consoles is already little like the PC version in terms of interface and specific combat dynamics. And if you significantly change how the game works, do you honestly expect it to just go about without any negative effect on the original PC game, its reputation, and its appeal?

      • rockman29

        You’re thinking way too much, and in the wrong direction.

        And believe me I’ve played more DOTA than you. Lol.

        Get a mouse and KB/M compat on PS4 and you’re set… and wait, that’s already possible on PS3 with games that allow it.

        • $18114340

          I’m sure PS4 gamers will be thrilled to hear that they can get the same experience as PC elitists if they buy a mouse and keyboard to use with their console that comes with a controller. How many games on the PS3 that are similar to their PC contemporaries offer mouse and keyboard support? Furthermore, how many of those actually feel like they were designed around that paradigm?

          I’m thinking about these things because they’re interesting questions — apparently the developers of these games are thinking about them too, otherwise Blizzard would be developing Diablo 3 for consoles first (if you don’t believe the conspiracy theory that they actually did).

          No, seriously, why and how would anybody ever put an existing PC ARTS designed around mouse and keyboard on consoles? Unless you actually expect everybody who wants to play to go out and buy a mouse and keyboard for it.

          • rockman29

            There’s this magical thing on your computer called a USB port.

            I hazard a guess PS4 has them too.

            • $18114340

              Yes, I suppose USB compatibility solves everything. It’s not like we have to worry about business models or standard SKUs or anything. Console porting is literally as simple as plugging in a keyboard and mouse and then forcing everybody to buy those.

              • rockman29

                Please just stop the pseudo intellectual stuff, it’s really annoying.

                You don’t suppose anything.

                You want to be right, go ask your parents to tell you you’re right. You’re not looking for a discussion, all you’re doing is throwing out stupid phrases with “SKU” and “business model” and expect me to take you seriously?

                Please, just stop.

                • $18114340

                  Pseudo-intellectual? You’re asking me not to have a discussion on a discussion forum? Maybe I should just run around making idiotic suggestions like you do just for the hell of it and then smugly pretend I’m right with no actual logic or reason, just insults. I’m not avoiding a discussion, I’m providing rationale for my way of thinking, you’re just disregarding any of it.

                  You’re right, I don’t suppose anything. I *know* you’re dead wrong and that you don’t actually have a valid position to defend. I don’t have to guess at that.

                  If you think “business model” is a stupid phrase then I don’t see how you can make these stupid suggestions in the first place. It’s not rocket science to figure how Sony’s policies work would make things significantly different for anybody trying to bring one of these games to consoles. The severe backlash from its original release and the changes that Blizzard had to make to Diablo 3 to put it on the PS3 should attest to that.

                  • rockman29

                    There’s only 2 reasons why Dota 2 might not come to consoles.

                    1) Valve wants to keep it Steam exclusive to attract customers to Steam

                    2) SEN/PSN won’t be lenient enough to the hat economy of DOTA 2

                    This is not to ignore that outside of Orange Box, Valve has also released CS:GO on PS3 which allows KB/M support.

                    Previous to this, Epic’s Unreal Tournament had KB/M support AND modding support.

                    You want to be dogmatic about it (damn internet kids) well you just committed yourself to saying basically neither LoL or Dota 2 will ever come to consoles “because business” when in reality “business” is more abstract and much more dynamic than “I don’t think this will work so no one will ever try it.” World doesn’t work that way.

                    That is just downright stupid to take it completely out of the realm of possibility and I’d rather not let people be convinced of a black and white world of “Dota can’t fit on consoles because I don’t want it to and console people won’t understand it because science and business and no one else understands it but me.”

                    • $18114340

                      You’re not even using the word “dogmatic” properly. Who’s the pseudo-intellectual here? I think the funniest part is that you get so up in arms about a position that you’re not even ready to defend properly. Please don’t make a straw man out of me.

                      I don’t think you’re dead wrong that Dota 2 would never come to consoles, and I never said it was out of the realm of possibility; that’s just something you jumped to assume because you want to be cranky and angry and spew moronic vitriolic garbage in the direction of anybody who doesn’t agree with you.

                      No, I think you’re dead wrong in thinking that porting Dota 2 to consoles would be easy, a good idea, or worth the effort, and I think you’re dead wrong when you jump to conclusions about the arguments I’m making because apparently it’s too much trouble for you to actually think about what you’re reading.

                      I am not being “dogmatic” about this. I asked you a question that you deliberately misconstrued and avoided to answer. So, please, tell me why porting Dota 2 to the PS4 would be a good idea, instead of setting up red herring arguments about why it is possible.

                      Counter-Strike GO and Unreal Tournament 3 were expressly designed to be used with gamepads. The design of UT3 was such that the player models and hitboxes were larger so as to make them easier to hit, the playing areas were smaller, and the PS3 version had auto-aim. CS:GO is a similar case; areas were redesigned and the engine tuned to suit gamepad play from the beginning. If you took 1.6 or UT2k4 and put them onto consoles as-is, the results would be disastrous. They essentially did that with CS on the Xbox (which was a port of Condition Zero, natch), and Unreal Championship (which was a port of 2k3, but close enough), and while the end products were competent they were never as popular nor close to their PC cousins in playability.

                      UT3 having mod support on PS3 is merry happenstance. It hasn’t really happened since, for any number of reasons that we can guess at. The point is, UT3 and CS:GO were designed with console play in mind. In fact, the console and PC versions of both games were designed in parallel, so this much is safe to assume. The PC and console versions are roughly the same because they were developed as the same product. You can’t say the same about Dota, you can’t even say the same about Diablo 3.

                      Considering that Dota 2 is built with absolutely no intention of ever being on consoles, significant changes to user interface, collision detection, and the game’s overall mechanics would have to be made to suit gamepads. Even if there’s keyboard and mouse support, it wouldn’t make sense for the developers to assume that players would use this method since the players would have to go out of their way to enable it. You can’t assume that PS4 players would be comfortable with or willing to use keyboards.

                      You brought up the Orange Box, but it’s important to consider that Valve didn’t port the Orange Box to PS3s themselves, and all of the console versions of the Portal series, the Half Life 2 games, and Team Fortress 2 with the exception of the PS3 port of Portal 2 had different codebases from the PC versions. You’re ignoring that it would be a lot of work for Valve to port Dota to the PS4, and for what? They can’t count on a multiplayer game not actually designed for gamepads to make a significant return on consoles, so they’d have to develop something from scratch if they wanted to produce a sufficient product.

                      Besides the microtransactional model of Dota 2 and Valve’s adherence to the Steam platform (which are entirely valid reasons to not bring the game over from the perspective of business, despite what you might claim), there are other reasons why Dota 2 would probably never come to consoles, or at least would come to consoles in a significantly altered state. Dota 2 being a primarily competitive game, it would be suicide for the multiplayer community to have to subsist on older versions of the game. But they’d have to, because companies like Sony charge developers tens of thousands of dollars to patch their games. It’s the reason why there is no cross-platform play for Global Offensive, while there’s cross-platform play for Portal 2. The cases in which you’d have to patch Portal 2 are far less frequent than a competitive multiplayer game.

  • PrinceHeir

    what the hell happened in this article O______O