Next-gen FIFA to debut at Xbox reveal event
posted on 05.20.13 at 01:53 PM EDT by (@salromano)
"See the next generation of FIFA" tomorrow.

The next-gen version of FIFA 14 will debut during tomorrow’s Xbox reveal event, EA Sports has teased on Facebook.

As previously confirmed, the event will also play host to the debut of Activision and Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Ghosts.

The event, which will be live streamed on, Spike TV, and other outlets, will kick off at 10 a.m. PDT / 1 p.m. EDT / 6 p.m. UK time.

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  • Al Buns

    Multplat games as I knew it would be.

    • DarthBrian

      I forget. Where there any multiplatform games at Sony’s reveal other than Watch_Dogs and Witness (timed exclusive)?

      • Elvick

        That Capcom game, forgot what it’s called.

        • DarthBrian

          Oh yeah, Deep Down. That looked awesome.

          So yeah, for this conference expect some third party and some first party games. Should be interesting. :)

          • Locksus

            I guess the reveal event will be about showing that the next Xbox is capable of and MS talking about their vision for the future etc.
            But as they’ve said already, they’re going to reveal their full lineup of games at E3, which is supposed to be huge.

            • DarthBrian

              E3 should be fun. ^_^

              (except for Nintendo)

              • Locksus

                Aww, come on :p They’ll still be revealing lots of games and have booths and such.
                I really want Wii U to be successful;_;

                • DarthBrian

                  Me too. I’m just keeping my expectations low. :p

                  Plus, no Nintendo conference makes me sad regardless. :(

                  • Locksus

                    Yeah, imagine the crowd reaction if Nintendo had a conference and announced SSB. Now we only get Iwata standing in an empty room, no reaction whatsoever.


                    • DarthBrian

                      I’ve never been a huge Brawl fan but yeah, the audience reaction would be epic. I think Nintendo is vitally underestimating their importance.

            • Al Buns

              They said that about the 360 and Kinect. Whatever happened to the hardcore hybrid games for Kinect?

              • Locksus

                I’ve no idea.

          • Homer2013

            at ps4 reveal
            third party

            Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag (playstation exclusive content, not at reveal)

            Destiny (playstation exclusive content)
            Diablo III (only playstation version announced)
            Deep Down (playstation time exclusive ?)
            Final Fantasy ? (playstation exclusive ?)

            The Witness (playstation exclusive console version)

            these games will not be show tomorrow

            at xbox reveal
            third party for now
            Call of Duty Ghosts (xbox nextgen console esclusive ?)
            EA Sports FIFA 14 (xbox nextgen console esclusive ?)

            Battlefield 4 (xbox nextgen console time esclusive ?)

            Splinter Cell Blacklist (xbox nextgen console esclusive ?)
            Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain (xbox nextgen console esclusive ?) I hope not

            Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z (xbox nextgen console esclusive ?)

            • CosmicNova

              You must be smoking something, if anyone believes Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain is going to be a exclusive for MS console, that notion is just to damn funny. If the new xbox it’s getting it, I have no doubt the PS4 will also be getting it as well.

          • Prodigy-X

            No, expect all third party maybe 1 or 2 first party titles.

            • Locksus

              Just like Sony’s PS4 announcement, then?
              Keep in mind, these events are not for showcasing games. E3 exists for that.

              • Prodigy-X

                Nah, we know Sony has the exclusives, so there is nothing to worry about on Sony side of things.

                • Locksus

                  We’re still talking about the reveal events. Sony showcased a few exclusive sequel titles, a new racing IP and a few multiplatform titles.
                  It’ll most likely be the same for MS, because these events do not exist to showcase the console’s games, but rather, its features and the company’s vision for the future.

      • Al Buns

        I don’t mind multiplat games but we know Sony has a stable of exclusive games and MS are the ones who rely mostly on third party while never delivering on their promises. I just hope they let Rare do what they are best at. MS really needs to bring more that won’t be on other consoles.

  • Elvick

    As a non-sports game fan, I wonder how hyped sports game fans get when a new generation comes around. That seems to be the biggest jump the genre gets for awhile in improvements. Then after awhile in the generation it kind of stagnates, at least seems that way.

    • Solomon_Kano

      My friends who like sports games don’t really seem to care when a new generation rolls around for sports games. Probably because all of the sports games end up being cross-gen anyway, but they typically stick to their old system for a while after.

  • Willgaea

    I haven’t played a soccer game since strikers on gamecube.

    • Always No. 9

      That was a great game! The items, the special moves, it was just pure fun……Best played with friends (Seal of Approval)…..#9

      • AdamBoy64

        Yes, and the Wii one was fantastic also.

        • Always No. 9

          ??? There was a Wii installment???……how come I didn’t know that?!? *facepalm*

          • AdamBoy64

            Yeah, it’s called ‘Mario Strikers Charged Football’.

            I’d say it’d be pretty close to the best multiplayer game on Wii. And Top 3 on the Wii for me. Don’t want to hype it up to much though.

            I think it’s an improvement on the GC version, however – to be fair I didn’t play a lot of that.

            If you get a chance, you might be able to find it somewhere pretty cheap – seeing as it’s close to 6 years old now.

            • Always No. 9

              Thanks Adam, up to now I was quite clueless…..that’s really odd, how could I have not been aware of this game?? Oh well…..

              I will most certainly put this game on my checklist for Wii games I will still have to obtain…….including Xenoblade. I checked my local store’s online webpage, and they are selling Mario Striker CF for…….4,20 €!!! *Tears of Joy*….#9

              • AdamBoy64

                4,20€ ? Bargain!
                I haven’t picked up Xenoblade either, and I’ve heard it’s pretty good. Lots of games to play.

                • Always No. 9

                  I know, right?…..and with PS4 and Xbox One around the corner, there are going to be even MORE games. Ugh…..I wish I could just get a break and finish the 120 something games I still have left…..So.many.good…games…must….play….NOW!

  • xMCXx

    I’m sick of seeing Messi on those covers.

  • Jerry Jcwgpii

    HAHA, Microsoft don´t have big titels, so they hope for a good show. White Call of Duty, Battelfield an Fifa, they have probably Forza or Halo as big titel. And tons of Kinect games lol, im sure too buy a PS4, and i think tomorow i´m 100% doubly sure (after the xbox event).

    • sunK1D

      Stopped reading at “Microsoft don’t have big tits.”

  • Always No. 9

    I could go for a new, stylish and over the top……..FIFA Street.

  • Prodigy-X

    Yeah, I don’t think I’m going to waste my time watching this Conference seeing how its probably going to be about multiplats, kinect 2.0, downloadable titles, & exclusive DLC. I’ll just wait for Sal to put up articles about the announcements.

  • Azoz

    i wonder how next gen will improve sport games .

    I think the AI will be the only big improvement.

  • checkeredknight

    So far we have CoD and FIFA. Uh, yeah… hype levels dropping.

    • Kurisu Makise

      Not that I disagree with the sentiment but I admit considering the market’s Xbox is best in, those are two good gets. Personally though, I just want some Japanese surprises. If it ends up a shooter fest…ah, can’t dampen the hype train, not this close.

      • checkeredknight

        Yeah, I agree. I think Xbox One is going to do very well in the US and it has a lot of big blockbuster titles. It doesn’t really push any buttons for me personally, though. Hopefully it’ll fare a little better at E3.

        • Kurisu Makise

          One thing I will say for sure on Microsoft’s part, they will go out to partners and try to make things happen. So I expect deals concerning multiplatform games and even outright signing exclusivity on third party projects, so the war isn’t over by a long shot.

  • Tac-Mex

    So it looks like there is a partnership between EA and MS after all,

    Friendly reminder that FIFA sell better on PlayStation than Xbox

    • AdamBoy64

      I wonder if that can be directly contributed to the fact that Soccer (or Football) is -far- more popular in Europe than in the US, and that PlayStation is more popular in Europe than the 360.

  • bldudas

    I though FIFA sold more on Sony’s consoles.

    • Prodigy-X

      MS Money Talks.

    • Noctionus

      Like EA cares.