New Final Fantasy IX side quest discovered [Update]
posted on 05.27.13 at 12:11 PM EDT by (@admeady)
13 years after release.

A new Final Fantasy IX side quest has been discovered, thirteen years after the game’s release.

A YouTube video has appeared showing the quest, which is called “The Lost Nero Family.” The reward for the quest is a Protect Ring.

Discovered several days ago by user ‘The_Kusabi_’ on GameFAQs, and later confirmed by user ‘MysterPixel’, the quest involves heading to Tantalus hideout at the beginning of the fourth disc. Further instructions can be found under the YouTube video or on the GameFAQs post itself.

The last of the original PlayStation Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy IX was released in 2000 in North America and Japan. It was later re-released in 2010 on PlayStation Network.

Update: Some are reporting that they’ve completed this quest before. Naturally, this would mean that this is not a ‘newly discovered’ quest. We will look into it further.

Thanks, NeoGAF.

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  • Azuardo

    Has to be one of the most tedious quests in the game, no doubt, but an awesome discovery all the same!

  • DarthBrian

    I have an overwhelming desire to replay FFIX now. >_<

    • jujubee88

      Gotta love the gaming enthusiasts! Can’t take that spirit away from us. ;) #ps4nodrm

  • Sae-Won Yoon

    I’m more puzzled as to how it took 13 years just to find this out.

    Still, good enough reason to replay my favorite FF.

  • Yuri Meitzen

    i’m pretty sure it’s possible to do this around Disc 3… because i remember something like the first scene happening to me… but since my walkthrough at the time didn’t say anything about it… i didn’t go out and backtrack…

    ps: it was like… 8 years ago… and my english wasn’t good @__@

  • Sergio Montecarlo Vile

    It’s not new at all!!! I did this quest before long time ago! I even asked for help to some friends to help me

    • Punkindrublic1

      Uh huh.

  • Anime10121

    Wow! Cant believe it took 13 years to find this, though it looks kinda pointless.

  • PrinceHeir

    awesome stuff :D

    on a side note, i just began my Metal Gear Solid Saga Summer Marathon and wow i still remember my fond memories in MGS1(been more than 10 years since i last played it if you don’t count Twin Snakes which i played last 2009)

    wish Vagrant Story allowed you to access the other parts of the story without having to use a gameshark or code breaker :P

    • Skerj

      I’ve been meaning to return to Vagrant Story after all these years but I don’t think I can shake off the scars from trying to make the perfect weapon from when it came out. Those Holy Win blades. ..those Holy Win blades. ..

      • Zero

        Vagrant Story is one of my all time favorites. I haven’t played it in a few years, I really need to find time to replay it. It felt like a game that was way ahead of its time.

  • kenshee

    Well, while great that it’s now on the internet and will be included in walkthroughs and such, many people must’ve known about this, but never knew it was so hard to find and thus never talked about it.

    It’s not like it got you an extra summon or ultimate weapon, so …

    In fact this is vaguely familiar to me, unless there’s another quest that plays out in the same way?

  • Raoni Marques

    Nice to learn about it now, since I’m just playing the game again on my Vita!

  • Marcus Vinicius Tito

    I did this quest long time ago! it´s not new

    • Punkindrublic1

      Sure you did.

      • Marcus Vinicius Tito

        Yeah. It is definitely not easy one, specially if english isn’t your first language.

  • Atinverse

    13 years. Makes you wonder what else you missed.

  • new_tradition

    This definitely looks familiar to me, at least the first scene since it’s triggered automatically, right? But still nice to discover new things about a game years later xD

    It reminds me a of this one bit from Chrono Cross. You had to talk to this one character 12 times to get an item, but the first 11 responses were a simple no.

    Without the guide, I wouldn’t have known persistence would pay off, lol. Especially around the time people would post rumours of doing certain things 100 times to fight NPCs or revive dead characters xD

  • Metal Chris

    Um. That is not new. Tons of people have done this, myself included. Way to go.

  • xMCXx

    Wait, this quest wasn’t even in any strategy guide?
    I can’t believe that.

  • Zero

    I really like this type of stuff. Finding undiscovered material in games is fascinating. (I agree with some of you in the comments, this quest does feel oddly familiar. But…I haven’t played FF9 in at least 10 years so…)

    This reminded me –

    GameTrailers recently brought this to my attention. After all these years, someone discovered a way to keep Aerith alive in FF7 without using gameshark. You still have to “trick” the game into doing so, but I still found the method to do so pretty amazing.

    GT had already covered this but updated it when they obtained new information. It’s towards the end of the video. (About 3:08 in is the new info. I remember trying to find a way to keep her alive in the game for at least two entire summers when I was a young teen. Why didn’t I think of that? lol)

    Let’s not forget about the unused scene for FF7 in the Honey Bee Inn. Sal made a post about it back in 2011.

    GT also took a look at some cool secrets involving FF6.

    (Secret Dragon in FF6?)

    (Play as general Leo?)

    Just thought I would make this post for people who like this kinda stuff. Like me! =D

    Edit – Replaced the GT video links with Youtube. They don’t seem to load in this post. If you want to watch them on GT, just find the episodes in this list.

    • Kurisu Makise

      Great post Zero! Though I’m having trouble with the FF7 link for some reason. The biggest surprise to me about the quest in FFIX is the fact that it feels so familiar. I recall heading to the location and being told about the missing members, what I don’t remember is the reward and the in-between sequences after the major events listed. I’m curious if there was a sequence right before this side quest as I don’t seem to be the only one getting that deja vu.

      • Zero

        Thanks! =)

        Also, thanks for pointing out the GT video links are not working. I replaced them with YT links. No idea why the links from GT failed to load.

        I agree, the quest from FFIX does feel very familiar. It seems like many others remember it as well. Like I posted above, it’s been years since I played FF9. Tough for me to remember.

        • Kurisu Makise

          I gotta say, now that I can watch the videos, the FFVI stuff blew my mind. Rom hacking is so great xD!

          • Zero

            Indeed. =)

            It’s really fun to try and find secrets based on stuff hidden in the games code.

            I actually enjoyed messing around with Gameshark and other devices back in the day. I used gameshark a bunch on my original PlayStation.

            I didn’t like to cheat to finish games, but I would complete them without cheats and find new ways to have fun by playing them again with cheats.

            I always enjoyed the silly Debug Rooms in Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII.

            You can find videos on YouTube of people messing around in the Debug rooms. Just search FF7 Debug Room or FF8, etc.

            • Kurisu Makise

              I’ve seen FF7’s Debug room, so I’ll be youtubing the FF8 debug room as that’s a fresh experience for me. I used to play around with codes a lot back in the day myself. Mostly in SNES era, with a bit in the PS1 era. I did the Aerith and Sephiroth in party hack in FF7. I’m not sure when that love of mystery and finding stuff in games left me though. I think it was a case of limited time and lots of content hitting all at once. Gotta play em all, right?

              • Zero

                They didn’t release as many high quality games per year back then. I also didn’t have the money to buy many games per year.

                Thankfully, Squaresoft was releasing all time classics once or twice a year. I’d typically just play my JRPGs all summer long. Good times. =)

                It’s also worth mentioning that developers don’t do cool stuff like that as much anymore. Some games still have cool easter eggs, or hidden secrets. Still, it pales in comparison to how common this was just a generation or two ago. It kinda makes me sad when I think about it.

                Cheat devices like Gameshark have also fallen. I guess playing around with a games code is a far more sensitive subject these days.

    • Jimmy Dean

      This is odd, in the FF7 video it seems like the editors of this site don’t understand Japanese? And what’s funny is that Lifestream or whatever said the Japanese dialogue in that video is gibberish even though it isn’t.

      • Zero

        Your referring to the Honey Bee Inn video, correct?

        It looks like someone updated it to include some translation on the lifestream’s website. The included translation was added at a later date, which is why it wasn’t included in Sal’s original post.

        Edit: Translation summary by Annachuu.

        “What I could make out was that Palmer was having fun at the Honey Bee Inn, and when he asked (incredulously) what the manager was doing there, the manager replied that “he was there for marketing purposes”, in which backfired when one of the Honey Bee ladies implied that the manager was a regular there, esp with said lady. What’s more, that very Honey Bee lady happened to be Palmer’s “honey” and Palmer was obviously not very happy about this and chased the manager.”

        Source –

        Does that sound about right to you? I’m just curious. =)

  • zeongundam

    O_O Makes you wonder what else we missed and not just in FFIX but in video games as a whole.

  • Willgaea

    Do you guys think the company knew that no one ever found out about this quest till now?


    whats next???? in LIGHTNING RETURNS a sidequest where CLOUD and SQUALL fight vs NOEL for SERAH´S LOVE?

    • JoJo_649

      and then Rinoa and Aerith come for both, pulling them from the ear like Misty to Brock? xD

    • Guest

      No, that would make the game good and Squeenix does not like to make good games anymore.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Whaaaa? Yoooo, my cousin even had the FFIX strategy guide and this wasn’t in there? Crazy. Well, not that I need any excuses to play my favorite FF again, but this is awesome!

    • Jimmy Dean

      I hope you’re not referring to that bullshit excuse of a guide by Bradygames. Half the content was missing unless you went to

  • MosquitoLemon

    There are like 100 Japanese ‘complete guides’, surely it was in one of those?

  • Luccie85

    lol, I swear that i did see those guys run out that building some times in disc 4 but never figure there is a quest. In those days internet was not common, but there was a website call “final fantasy rumors” with all the tales made by people like: flying 1300 times or more over the world map in FFIX you will get a mighty super golden Chocobo…. some of them maybe true like how to get Sephiroth’s sword in Gold Saucer. I really miss those days.

  • MysterPixel

    (This is the same MysterPixel who confirmed it on GameFAQs)

    I think the reason that people are saying they have already done this sidequest before is because the first step, with Benero and Zenero, is always available without having to do anything special. This is probably why it seems familiar, as most people will have seen this.

    Only the other 8 scenes and the subsequent reward require any special steps to see. The process to actually complete the sidequest is so exact and obscure, and can be made forever unsolvable so easily, that stumbling upon it accidentally and then figuring out what is making it progress seems all but impossible to me.

    At the time when this was first being discovered on GameFAQs there weren’t any references to this sidequest on the Internet – in English anyway. It seems to be common knowledge in Japan, even being described in detail in the official FFIX Ultimania (this is where The_Kusabi_ found it). I think the real mystery is why it took so long to bridge the language divide!

    • Zero

      Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

      Do you think some people might have known about the sidequest, but failed to realize it (the sidequest) wasn’t detailed online, or included in the official english guide for the game?

      • MysterPixel

        There’s always the possibility, and I expect there will be some people who had a Japanese friend that told them about it, or could read it themselves in the Ultimania. I just find it really surprising that it has never been documented anywhere in any other language until now – especially for a game with such a big fanbase as Final Fantasy.

        • Zero

          Agreed. It is very surprising. Regardless, thanks for helping bring it to the attention of FF fans outside of Japan.

  • Guest

    It’s not actually a newly discovered quest, but it was in fact unknown to most people outside of Japan. No online information has been found on this quest prior to the topic on Gamefaqs, so I find it strange how so many people claim to have done this already. I’m guessing those who say so only saw the first or second part or are simply trying to brag. No one is going to discover this whole thing as a kid without using a guide at all. Maybe one in a million, but that’s it. And if this was as well known as people claim to be, it would have been all over the internet already.