Microsoft dates E3 2013 press conference
posted on 05.01.13 at 03:22 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Xbox company secures June 10 at the Galen Center.

Xbox E3 2013 Invite

Microsoft will host its E3 press conference at the Galen Center on Monday, June 10.

Invites ask that guests arrive by 8:45 a.m. Pacific time. If past years’ start times are anything to go by, it’ll begin at 10 a.m.

Expect to hear more about the next-gen Xbox following its May 21 reveal event.

The event will be live streamed, of course. More details on that later this month.

Thanks, TGN.

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  • dior

    Can not wait for E3

  • Locksus

    Are you going to attend the E3, Sal?

    • Sal Romano

      Nah. Last time I went was in 2011, and turns out its pretty horrible when you’re pretty much the only person covering everything. And being on the show floor means the site is left without updates during the day. It’s more advantageous to be home, especially considering crappy hotel Internet, crappy expo Internet, and crappy press conference Internet.

      • Locksus

        I see. A little disappointed that Nintendo won’t have a big presence like before, but glad they’ll still be attending and announcing new things.

      • PaperClichePixel

        Sales what’s your e mail?

        • Sal Romano

          We don’t have a sales department.

          But if you’re looking to reach me, try editor at gematsu dot com.

      • rockman29

        deploy the gematsu zealots

  • Locksus

    It’s that time of the year again. It feels like E3 2012 was a few months ago.

    This year it’s bound to be exciting.

    They’ll be showing next-gen games so I’m expecting great innovations from them.

    • new_tradition

      I respectfully disagree. Jump Festa feels like eons ago to me, let alone E3 xD

      That’s why I feel so excited!

      “It’s the most, wonderful time, of the year~”

  • bleach630

    Am taking sick leave to watch E3 as usual :-)

  • Solomon_Kano

    Ah, it’s that time again. Looking forward to E3.

  • sunK1D

    Despite what Nintendo thinks, ME(customer) STILL CARE ABOUT E3!

    • Solomon_Kano

      Nintendo doesn’t think you don’t. They’ll still be at E3. They’ll have booths and everything. They just won’t be doing a conference.

      No loss, really, since you’ll still get all the same info you’d have gotten from a conference. Now you just get it without Reggie — which may or may not be a good thing, depending on who how you feel about him — and the extra fluff like the usual trotting out of sales and what have you.

  • rainelee

    So hyped for this year’s E3. Bound to be a good showing.

  • Simmsville

    8.45? That’s damn early. I best not party too hard the night before if I want to be up for that

    • Ali

      I’m liking your tone! We best get this partying out of our systems by partying harder!