Metal Gear Solid V clip teases Snake’s new voice actor
posted on 05.30.13 at 04:03 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Kept you waiting, huh?

Konami has released a 16-second pre-E3 video teasing the new voice of Snake in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

As announced previously, David Hayter, the voice of Snake since the first Metal Gear Solid game, will no longer voice Snake in the upcoming sequel.

Snake’s voice actor will be unveiled on June 6 during Konami’s E3 pre-show.

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  • KnifeAndFork

    So Kojima is really going with this huh? Piss off the entire fanbase by getting rid of the main voice actor? Or is he just in super troll mode?

    • Sae-Won Yoon

      It’s Kojima though, he’s skilled in trolling. For all we know it could be David Hayter (the whole MGR fiasco with Q.Fylnn for example.)

      • Budgiecat

        Why is he so skilled at trolling?

        Is it the nanomachines?

        • Tetsu

          He took a 10 year course in Trollology.

    • MrKappa

      He might just be in maximum troll mode. After all Snake’s Japanese voice wasn’t ditched for someone else.

  • Anime10121
  • xMCXx

    And then it is David Hayter. xD

    • Sal Romano

      Probably, lol.

    • Chestnut Bowl

      This is the only good ending.

  • Jontaku

    If it isn’t Hayter and people complain then it looks like Hayters gonna Hayte uh uh uh.

  • Hatsuaki

    I’m… really starting to wonder why Konami would do something like this. Maybe it is David Hayter after all and they’ve just been trolling us hard all this time *dies*. I’d be really happy if that were the case.

  • bloodiOS

    I hope it turns out to be Laura Bailey xp

    • manasword0


    • DrForbidden

      No way. It should be Jennifer Hale!
      Or maybe Courtnee Draper, because then Snake can sing!

  • SaveTheDay

    If it turns out it’s actually David Hayter then everybody will be glad the voice is still the same…which woudn’t have been the case if Kojima said he would keep Hayter from the beginning ; since everyone would have considered that normal (after all he has been embodying Snake since the very beginning of MGS).
    I think Kojima-san is therefore just playing with us in order to make us relieved when he’ll announce it’s still the same voice actor.

  • Chestnut Bowl

    I reckon the only reason they’re making a big deal out of this is because it’s going to be some Hollywood actor, since Kojima desires to be as Hollywood as possible.

    My guess is Keifer Sutherland.

    • TetsuyaHikari

      They should get Kurt Russel to do it, lol.

      Well, for obvious reasons, heh.

      • Carlos Luis Ayala

        Yeah get Snake to voice Snake XD

      • Budgiecat

        or Michael Beihn

    • Nice Boat

      It’s the other way round. Kojima does not like some parts from Hollywood films such as trailers that show you a lot about a movie so he loves trolling the audience with trailers.

    • Michael Garling

      Kiefer’s already voicing that Ishmael dude.

  • kuusou yume

    It doesn’t make any sense (even for Kojima’s strangeness)

  • PrinceHeir

    finally! hopefully this will put to rest and shut the stupid elitist up at youtube.

    either way i’ll enjoy both versions, and while i may like Akio’s voice more, you can’t go wrong with either voice.

    i can’t wait for the comments “i told you so Kojima is trolling us”

    with people having a heart attack at youtube nobody expected for Kojima or even Konami US to troll??

    OH REALLY??!?!

    in the end people will buy this if they like the game.

    now that’s out of the way what do you think of gameplay features they’ll reveal?

    for me i think they’ll expand the recruiting system ala Portable Ops/Peace Walker since Big Boss is starting to build Outer Heaven around this time(at least in Phantom Pain)

    familiar characters like Sniper Wolf, Null, Liquid Snake, or even his old MGS3 team Para-Medic(Dr. Clark), Sigint, and finally Zero.

    and yes Ocelot is already confirmed so no worries on that!!

    can’t wait June 6!!!!

    • Michael Garling

      …What are you even on about? What’s “out of the way”?

      • PrinceHeir

        people have been bitching about in youtube on how they’ll boycott the game if David Hayter doesn’t return.

        seriously? fucking LOL.

        and they even said David Hayter is Snake, umm no offense but Akio Otsuka already had that role years ago and his personality and characteristics of snake was in fact from him.

        same with other JPN VAs

        • Michael Garling

          Yeah but I’m still not getting what you’re saying though, are you suggesting that this means Hayter is playing Snake again? Just from this?

          The trailer, and the fact that KojiPro wants to hype this, suggests two things:

          1) either you’re right, and Hayter’s back, or

          2) they’ve got a big name Hollywood actor onboard

          It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s definitely option 1.

          • PrinceHeir

            Hayter tease around twitter about this

            “Im so excited for E3

            I just hope i don’t lose my voice. ;-)”

            i really don’t even know why people doubted Hayter won’t return.

            it was posted a few days after the video was posted about who is Snake’s english VA.

            coincidence? lol far from it.

            also when he posted his so called “farewell” letter

            he even emphasize the date April 1 at the end of his letter.

            seriously if people can even see this is just trolling then they are just gullible as hell.

  • Nice Boat

    It’s some guy named Havid Dayter.

    • Bobby Jennings


  • Anon-non

    Clearly they’re bringing David back. Publicity stunt! Why WOULD you want to change voice actors? It would never make sense.

    • Nice Boat

      Even Raiden, I mean Quinton Flynn, wished for his return.

      • AdamBoy64

        That’s the same Quinton Flynn who voices the Sniper unit from C&C: Generals.
        Man, I hear him quite a bit. Small world.

        • Nice Boat

          “Got it memorized?”

    • Budgiecat

      The ONLY reasons would be to tie in with a Hollywood actor playing as him in a live action movie of MGS or to use a classic HW actor that Snake was inspired by (Russell or Beihn)

      Otherwise…publicity stunt Hayter trollololing

  • Nitraion

    Come on when the game gonna be released ? :D

  • Rohman Aditya ‘Zamboze’ Dharma

    or maybe, they will have two voice actors for snake. the new one will be default, and David Hayter’s voice will become a DLC…

    • Tetsu

      Nah, Konami isn’t Capcom lol

  • Raiu

    My bet is on the voice actor of MGS4’s big boss…

    • Tetsu

      If it HAD to be someone else, that would be my pick, atleast then we’d have some form of vertical consistency.

      But I hope its still Hayter :)

  • superlocke

    Well hey, if Hayter is back, so is my sale.

    If not then I’m still going to resist buying it until it hits saayyyyy 10 bucks-ish.