Killer is Dead Japanese first-run bonuses detailed
posted on 05.16.13 at 07:52 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Betty, Episode 51, and Super Mondo Eye glasses.

Following leaks in this week’s Famitsu, Kadokawa Games and Grasshopper Manufacture have confirmed an August 1 release for Killer is Dead in Japan.

But we knew that already. So more importantly, the company detailed Japanese first-run bonuses.


Includes the Gigolo Mission “Bloodsucking Temptress,” centered around the fourth Mondo Girl Betty, voiced by Yu Asakawa, who is also known as “The Lifeforcer.” She appears young, but is actually a 256-year-old vampire whose favorite dish is the blood of a strong man. With her voluptuous appearance, she cannot help but attract men.

Episode 51: The Man Who Stole the Blood

Another Gigolo Mission featuring the bloodsucking Mondo Girl Betty, identical in length to one of the game’s large volume episodes, where a mysterious gentlemen giving off an air of danger appears. It’s set in an old castle surrounded by fog.

Super Mondo Eye

A pair of black Gigolo Glasses that lets Mondo see through the clothes and to the heart of his Mondo Girls. Different from the “Cat’s Eye” glasses, which you’ll obtain through the sexy nurse Scarlett, the Super Mondo Eye glasses cannot be broken by displeased women. In short, you’ll be able to see through to one’s body and heart as much as you’d like.

View screenshots of the first-run bonuses at the gallery.

Additionally, KiD TV #3 is out. Watch it below.

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  • new_tradition

    Haha, I would’ve never guessed that xD

    Shoot, maybe I will preorder this…

    And holy crap, Episode 51?! How many missions are there going to be? O_O

  • Budgiecat

    lol Jessica what are you doing…

  • SystemLimbic

    I don’t care what they are saying but im getting this game.

  • DrForbidden

    We damn well better get all these for the English version as well…

  • PrinceHeir

    please can we have this DLC as well in the US!!!

    also why the hell is Xseed is tight lip about Killer is Dead having dual audio or not for the US version!

    still buying this, though i might hold off for the asian version this fall.

    Suda 51 you rock!!!!!!

  • TetsuyaHikari

    >Super Mondo Eye

    Nice. Now if I displease them, I’ll still be a-okay! What a wonderful incentive to pre-order, haha.

    I was already going to do so anyway, but this is great news~!

    EDIT: Still waiting for this to show up in CDJapan’s database though ;w;