God of War: Ascension price dropped to $40
posted on 05.16.13 at 08:00 PM EDT by (@salromano)
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God of War: Ascension, launched at $60 for PlayStation 3 in mid-March, has seen an official price drop to $40, starting today, developer SCE Santa Monica Studio has announced.

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  • bloodiOS

    That was quick…

    • Elvick


      Quick was Enslaved. It was down to $20 within weeks.

  • http://twitter.com/RaiuLyn Raiu

    We’re in May, right? That was two months since lanch….

  • rockman29

    All game prices are dropping this fast aside from rare games like TESV and Far Cry 3.

    Unfortunately all of you are buying new on release day and not paying attention to this though anyway, so not sure why it should bother most of you lol.

    • bloodiOS

      Well, I’ve never really paid much attention to the God of War series so I wouldn’t know but a first-party title dropping in price so soon after its launch is rather surprising. The game is selling below expectations, perhaps?

      Edit: Someone negged me for not liking the God of War series. Now this is hilarious.

      • rockman29

        That too.

        And maybe expectations were too high. All of that is relative.

        What is not relative is the trending for most games. Not everything is TESV which had longer legs than almost any other game this gen.

        Most games are dropping in price much faster than people seem to want to believe.

        Instead of being surprised people should be applauding Sony for recognizes slow sales with God of War and pricing to match demand.

        • bloodiOS

          Well, in any case, for folks with thinner wallet, price drops are generally good news to behold. And it shouldn’t bother those who bought the game early too much if they can just think of it as an act of showing their passionate supports for the franchise.

          • rockman29

            Passion should never get in the way of rational spending decisions.

            A lot of money could be saved if people finish games and buy the next games they want to play in later days, just food for thought.

            • bloodiOS

              Yeah, I know what you means, as it’s the way I usually handle things too (except for some Japanese IP.) It’s just that since these folks have already bought the game anyway, saying it any other way would just be adding insults to injuries. Well, they can reconsider how to spend their budget next time while going through a little self-consolation that I provided earlier.

              And perhaps Sony can be a more actively encouraging figure and lets the team behind the God of War series move on to other mythologies like Norse, or Hindu to freshen things up a bit. Kratos really needs to take a break.

  • http://www.hush404.com hush404

    They should of given Kratos a break after GoW3… but no… they had to keep up with it and now they see what saturation does to a series. With 5 GoW games playable on the PS3, they could of held off with this title. I love the series and I didn’t preorder it and even with a price drop, I’m thinking it can still wait while I’m playing other gems.

    • Carlos Luis Ayala

      I only count 3 and Ascension the others were ports

      • http://www.hush404.com hush404

        Note my wording ‘5 GoW games playable on the PS3’. Technically, before Ascension, there’s just 1 PS3 game as 2 were PS2 upgrades and 2 were PSP upgrades. But it still stands that they’re all playable on PS3 in Sony’s HD packs (or that giant GoW bundle).

  • Peacenutman

    I have to say I was disappointed, easily the worst GOW yet, glad I only paid $30 though.

    I was really hoping a good story revealing much more about Kratos and his family, but no, just more anger issues and pointless violence.

    I played every GOW game to date and by far this entry’s plot is the most pointless, even the PSP games felt more canon than this story. If you skip this game, you won’t miss much about the whole saga.

  • EspadaKiller

    Quite disappointed in Ascension, to me currently GOWII is still the best GOW game, then GOWIII and followed by the original GOW. The PSP ones are pretty good as well. Ascension? Not so.

  • PrinceHeir


    glad i already drop the series after GOW III, honestly the combat is too dull and repetitive compared to other action games like Metal Gear Rising, Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge, Bayonetta and Devil May Cry 4.

    shame the series had soo many chances to evolve.

    maybe will buy this if they made a Ultimate GOW pack with all the games and DLC in one package.