Game Informer teases ‘surprisingly big PS Vita show’ at E3
posted on 05.15.13 at 09:42 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Sony handheld to light up the Los Angeles Convention Center?

Game Informer executive editor Andrew Reiner is teasing a “surprisingly big show” for PS Vita at E3 next month.

The Twitter tease follows that of a Sony executive last week, who teased an “amazing big title” for the handheld.

Perhaps that “Panopticon” countdown site, scheduled to end in under nine hours from press time, has something to do with this “big” show?

E3 runs from June 11 to 13.

Thanks, NeoGAF.

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  • Øzef Sillona Torrente

    good to here this kind of support for VITA… too much anticipation kills….

  • viktor gibelli

    price drop !!!

    • jujubee88

      I doubt it.

      • oo7PorscheMGS

        I don’t.. the Vita kind of needs it.. unless they’re so sure the PS4 will give it a HUGE boost, I think the Vita will go down a few bucks maybe in August but very likely by the end of the year.

  • Raiu

    Excuse my negativity but I’ll believe it when I see it…

  • Solomon_Kano

    Don’t tease me, bro.

  • Rafael Martines

    Game Informer pff I prefer look to Famitsu announcements :P

  • adhesive

    Sony actually giving the Vita attention and not pretending it doesn’t exist? Consider me skeptical.

    • Frankiedf

      They didn’t actually pretend it didn’t exist last year, as it was the bulk of their show floor booth. They just completely forgot that not showing things just during the press conference is tantamount to not showing them at all for a lot of outlets. They even did game by game presentations with the media after their show.

      • Kurisu Makise

        That’s pretty much what happened. There were a ton of games, app announcements, plus the two big bundles for the fall. They just needed to spend more time talking about those games ready for the show floor.

        • Frankiedf

          They spent a lot of time after their conference doing a one on one presentation for almost all of the vita games they brought. They spent the time, but people tuned out after the conference so it had no impact.

          • Kurisu Makise

            That too yes I watched that also. I also remember being happy seeing Miku on the showfloor, even though SEGA’s said nothing in way of the PS Vita version since =(

      • Elvick

        If it weren’t for Sony caving to pressures for a shorter E3 conference they wouldn’t have made that stupid decision to begin with. Since it wouldn’t have had to be made.

        That said, why they cut Vita instead of other things is beyond me. Super stupid. Though, they made up for it at Gamescom in my opinion. Showing Killzone: Mercenary and announcing Tearaway. <3

        And you'd think that indies came to Vita on their own, and Sony did nothing to grab them up based on how often people claim Sony "does nothing" for Vita. Sony could release 400 first party titles every year and people would still complain about it.

        • Frankiedf

          I think they overestimated the media exposure things got on the floor. They had something like thirty separate game demos, and spend a few hours going over each one with the press. Most people had no idea though, since they don’t watch anything but the conference.

  • Christopher Celand


    • new_tradition

      Not even gonna lie, those two series are the main reasons why I buy new systems and handhelds.

    • MasterSensei

      I am really hoping for a Final Fantasy for the Vita but I don’t think there will be a new Kingdom Hearts since Nomura wanted Kingdom Hearts 3 to be on a console (IF I remember correctly) and after Kingdom Hearts 3DS I don’t think there will be another side story

      Then again, the cryptic Secret Message at the end might prove otherwise…

    • Cry_Zero

      I would kill for a Kingdom Hearts on psvita

  • Prodigy-X

    Oh Lord, what I tell you folks. It has games just needed to give it time.

    Edit: Once again getting disagreed for telling it how it is.

    • MasterSensei

      I kind of agree with you but 2 years is way too long of a wait…

      • Prodigy-X

        PS3 took till 2009 to get the games rolling and it launched 2006.

  • bloodiOS

    And all of a sudden, E3 just can’t come soon enough. So many expectations are riding on this show…

  • Raiyu

    I’ll believe it when I see it :(

  • Sevyne

    Fingers crossed that this isn’t bs. Show the world exactly what this baby can do! Make believers out of all of the Vita naysayers.

    • Skeletor

      F*** the naysayers cause they dont mean a thing…….

      • Sevyne

        Haha! I’m kind of with ya on that, but I also want the Vita to sell more. It deserves it.

  • Frankiedf

    Bring the Tales games to the states.
    I’d love that.

    • Elvick

      That would hardly be ‘big’ in terms of mainstream (sadly).


      • Raul

        I will import both Innocence and Hearts if they ever get released in the US. I’m spanish but I don’t have a problem playing in English. Being a JRPG fan here is not an easy path :(

  • Patrick

    E3 should be interesting this year. Everything except 3DS and PS3/Xbox 360 needs to prove itself this go around. PS4 and Xbox Infinity will need to establish themselves so that they don’t have a launch similar to PS3, Wii U, Vita, and 3DS. Wii U and Vita’s situation is obvious

  • Jack West

    My only wishes are for Monster Hunter with new graphics(I am tired of the same again & again but different consoles), working infrastructure online co-op,and plenty of quest to do!

  • Namekaze_Minato

    new God of War or perhaps a new Dissidia Final Fantasy?

    • Aidan Murphy

      things that would make it for me would be
      God of War
      Infamous Vita

      Any game from naughty dog
      Watch Dogs

      • Elvick

        I’d say the most realistic is another Assassin’s Creed for Vita, or something Ubisoft. We already know they’ve got unannounced things for Vita in the works.

        • oo7PorscheMGS

          MGS1 in HD only for the PS Vita.. hmm… that would be sweet. Or a syphon filter game (that has been rumored for YEARS…) for the PS4 and a sidekick game that goes with it on the Vita… Or God of War, or an exclusive RE game from Capcom (hey, they did it for the 3DS.. vita could get it’s own game too…). Kingdom Hearts.. FF… Ratchet and Clank… a NEW jak + daxter game… I could go on lol. A Gran Turismo game is a GIVEN for the PS Vita, since GT6 was just announced to work with phones / “tablets” of course SONY would make the game work with the Vita before any of those devices first. They could have plenty of surprises.. Playstation has so many games to choose from that still haven’t hit the Vita, lets hope they choose something good. Oh, and something huge like GTA5 support on the Vita would be killer, of course.

    • Cry_Zero

      I think well see a GOW, inFAMOUS and Assassins Creed for Vita, but I hope theyll make a GTA too

  • yugimoto

    I will believe that when I see it. The vita has been anything but amazing considering how nintendo is handling 3ds marketing and really pushing it with directs and such.

    • Andrew G

      I agree. I have been playing Skyrim on PS3 while “patiently” waiting for a reason to wipe the dust off of my Vita. How about that remote play that was so heavily advertised in the beginning of the handheld’s development?

      • yugimoto

        vita doesnt need ps3 games. it needs exclusives, and fast. Although it might be too late.

      • Skeletor

        You mean the remote play that will be fully utilized with the PS4?

        Meanwhile you could try playing Soul Sacrifice, Muramasa in a couple weeks, Dragons Crown in August, Y’s in September, Killzone in October and likely a few other games that are inbound.
        Not to mention the classics already availble from the PS1 and PSP libraries as well as multiple indie titles and other PSN offerings.

        Or you know, you could keep complaining.

        • Sevyne

          Yeah, I have no shortage of Vita games now and upcoming. I already have like over 30 Vita games (mix of digital and physical) and that’s not even counting my massive PSP and PS1 library that I can play on it as well. I guess some people would rather complain than give games/genres they aren’t familiar with a fair shot.

          • Elvick

            I think most people who aren’t happy with Vita like one or two types of games. I wouldn’t be happy if I only liked a few things either. There’s not a huge amount of anything (other than fighters).

            But if you like a lot of different kinds of games, then it’s great. I have tons to play.

            • Gabe Carey

              That’s very true. I feel as if I have too much to play on Vita, but I’ve completely forgotten about the people who only purchase games based on what everyone else is playing.

    • Skeletor

      I am pretty worn out on Nintendo’s over reliance on Mario titles tbh.
      There are some good games outside of that yes. Cant wait for Bravely Default but other than that and Project X Zone I wont be booting up my XL anytime soon.

      Amazing? Not even close.

  • AdachiTohru

    Fuck yeah !

  • jspillen

    I’m so excited for all the upcoming Sony announcements… they really have had one hell of a year and the momentum is still building. My Vita now has a backlog of games to play, and there are several more upcoming titles I’m really excited about. Freakin Awesome… Long Live Gaming…and thank you to Sony for turning back into such a customer responsive corporation

  • disqus281917

    i want CFW!!!!!!…………..

  • oo7PorscheMGS

    With the Vita allowing us to play ALL our PS4 games on the handheld as well, I think I’ll be getting a Vita when I get the PS4! Awesome feature, awesome games anywhere in the house and extra features for some games. Very cool. Lets hope the Vita gets more unique games of its own too. Playstation has so many to choose from, Gran Turismo is a given since GT6 was just announced and has “phone + tablet” support features… of course it’ll have PS Vita features too. I expect some other more unique titles too / new IPs or games from 3rd party developers we weren’t expecting. We’ll see soon enough.

  • Hating Ass Nigga

    Legend Of Dragoon 2

  • tubers

    Suprisingly big?

    LMFAO just post E3 2013 for the VITA.