Free Dragon’s Crown ‘Voice Pack’ DLC available at launch
posted on 05.30.13 at 07:56 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Customize your story with different narrator voices.

In Dragon’s Crown, a Game Master will narrate your journey. When the game launches on August 6, Atlus will release a free downloadable add-on to further customize your story with different narrator voices from each of the game’s six playable characters.

It will only be available free for the first month, however, and after that, the ‘Voice Pack’ will revert to a price of $1.99.

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  • DarthBrian

    Uhhhhhhhh…why is this even DLC? o_O

    • DarthBrian

      because it’s just voice. It should come with the game. blu-rays have plenty of space on them for this kind of thing.

      (disqus not letting me edit comments again)

      • bloodiOS

        Storage space never was the main reason why DLC exist, if Capcom’s examples (of disc-locked contents) are anything to go by.

        • DarthBrian

          But that’s Capcom and they’re cheap, this is Atl…

          Oh. That’s right. SMTIV is $50.

          Okay, question answered.

          • Silver Citizen

            Except the price is easily justified. They could have charged more. Like $70-$80.

            • DarthBrian

              lol. keep telling yourself that. whatever helps you sleep at night.

              • Silver Citizen

                So you’re saying that the 176 page book and music cd aren’t worth $10?

                • DarthBrian

                  You’re not paying $10 for that. It’s a bonus for buying the physical game early. The downloadable version is still $50 and you won’t get a book with it.

                  • Silver Citizen

                    Help me out here. Where did Atlus say the digital version will be $50?

                  • Vyse Legendaire

                    The digital version isn’t worth 50$ either. It’s true that the bonuses don’t cost 50 or 60$ to produce but they do cost something. But let’s not kid ourselves that the price we pay for games is every directly related to the cost of manufacture. It has to do with development, publishing and advertising costs. THe debate on physical vs digital is something else.

      • ( `Д´)ノ)`ν゜)

        Voices cost money.

    • bloodiOS

      Well, profit is probably the main reason. And by making it a free offer for the first month, it would, hopefully, give players the incentive to buy the game early.

  • bloodiOS

    I’m planning on purchasing this game at launch day so this is a very welcoming news. That said, I’ll intentionally wait till the free period expires and buy the DLC then to show my support. I mean, it’s only $1.99.

  • Dark_N11

    please don’t be region locked…

    • Carlos Luis Ayala

      It’s Atlus it could be but why don’t u want the US version

      • bloodiOS

        What if Dark_N11 is European?

  • Eclipse

    I really like the sound of that.

    It’ll be nice to hear Inoue Kikuko & Imai Asami doing the narration.

  • Rafael Martines

    ATLUS why you is so God like?

  • Azoz

    Soul sacrifice has similar thing,

    But it was just pre-order bonus,

  • Kobracon

    Interesting. If I’ll be playing multiple times, having a different narrator each time would be a nice change of pace.

  • PrinceHeir

    well the good thing about PSN is that you don’t need to buy the game to have the DLC.

    just go the game’s page and download it there in the first month.

    easy right? :D

    and japanese audio is already confirmed, this is just a toggle option to switch voices from different characters

    voice actors for the characters

    Fighter (CV: Tsuda Kenjiro), Amazon (CV: Atsuko Tanaka), Dwarf (CV: Ishizuka Unsho), Elf (CV: Imai Asami), Sorceress (CV: Inoue Kikuko) , and the Wizard (CV: Yasumoto Hiroshi Takashi)

    you can switch Amazon to be the narrator or to Sorceress or Wizard to fighter.

    either way this is gonna be good!!!!!

    • bloodiOS

      Will it be that easy? What if there’s a code (that was set to expire after 30 days) included within the box? Or perhaps the download link is only accessible through in-game menu, like The Last of Us demo for God of War: Ascension.

      • PrinceHeir

        i don’t know will find out :D

        hopefully that’s not the case! ^^

  • shogunknight

    Well it may be a dlc but at least its free.

  • Serovath

    THIS is how a day one dlc should be done. FREE for a time during launch, pay later for those that get the game later. i salute you, atlus!

  • Elvick

    I’m glad we’re getting it. Even if it’s DLC, it’s free after all.

    Hope it’s not a sizable download on Vita like with Soul Sacrifice though. I have to work with that 4GB and it’s hard when DLC takes up space need for games. :P I know people would be made if it were on the cart and DLC was an unlock key, but if there’s the space I’d rather that.

    (kinda like Gravity Rush’s DLC in EU/NA, since it was already done and released in Japan by the time it was localized, so they put it on the cart to save space)

  • $3582264

    And why the hell doesnt this ship with the game initially?