Final Fantasy XIV release date announcement due late May
posted on 05.10.13 at 09:43 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Beta phase 3 to include multitude of changes.

Square Enix will announce a concrete release date for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn at the end of May, producer Naoki Yoshida said in his latest Letter from the Producer.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will be released in summer 2013,” Yoshida said. “It will be a worldwide release for the PC and PlayStation 3, available in Japanese, English, French, and German. At the end of the month we’ll announce the release date, along with pricing and details on the collector’s edition. We’ll also start accepting preorders at the end of the month.”

The MMORPG’s upcoming phase three of beta testing will add “Ul’dah and Limsa Lominsa, nearly one hundred new FATE encounters, four additional dungeons, main scenario quests up to level 20, grand companies, provisioning missions, free companies,” and battle system revisions, according to Yoshida. The PlayStation 3 beta will start alongside it, as well.

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  • 武神水樹

    I’ll try it again, combat wasn’t up to par for me

  • LordKaiser

    I’m ok with PSO2.

    • 武神水樹

      Almost forgot about that. Any new news on a release?

      • Elvick

        I think the last thing about it was that it was ‘delayed’.

      • Zero

        Yes, just like @Elvick said — the game has been delayed.

        I’ve been told the JP version has some kind of english patch available to download. I presume it’s fan made?

        I haven’t tried it, I’m impatiently waiting for Sega to launch the darn game here. I want to support them for localizing it, but they sure are making me wait! GRRRR! xD

        • 武神水樹

          Sweet thanks, i’ll looking forward to it :)

      • LordKaiser

        It got delayed but I’m playing the JP version so far and I like it so far. I’ll get into the Western version but as soon as I see delays on releasing quests and lack of support I will abandon it ASAP and continue with JP version.

        About FFXIV many of my old WKC2 friends and more of half of WKC community will move to it except me. So PS02 is a good alternative to those who can’t afford P2P.

  • TetsuyaHikari

    Still keeping my fingers crossed for a beta invite once phase 3 begins since they’re including PS3 finally. I signed up for the PC version as well, but that wasn’t until recently since I didn’t have a gaming PC until about a month ago, lol. Can’t wait until next month though~!

  • Elvick

    I’ll try it out with an open mind.

    Still bummed that I couldn’t play XI. Just feels pointless to play it now. And I’ve heard many good things about it. Granted, XIV hasn’t had that benefit… but I’ll give it a go anyway.

  • Zero

    I’m looking forward to trying out beta stage 3. The previous beta tests haven’t had as much to do as I’d like. I’m also hoping they let us try out more classes from the start.

  • Bumbly Bee

    I’m just gonna jump in and say I’m really looking foward to FFXIV.2!
    Whilst I can’t compare it with the previous one *stopping at the apparent bad reviews and then closing down* I can see that sqenix has put alot of effort into it and I hope it gets alot more attention.
    I can only hope that the console games follow in its example in terms of style, can’t say they’ve had the final fantasy style in more recent days. *stuff like black mages, airships etc*
    I’m playing the beta and really enjoy it over games like WoW and a few korean mmo’s.

  • PrinceHeir

    this is gonna be ace :)