Eternal Darkness successor Shadow of the Eternals announced
posted on 05.03.13 at 03:29 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Coming to Wii U and PC in Q3 2014.

Shadow of the Eternals, a spiritual successor to Silicon Knights’ Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Reqiuem for GameCube, is in development at Precursor Games, an IGN-exclusive teaser trailer has revealed.

The game will be crowd-funded, with a campaign set to launch on Monday, May 6.

Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack is involved, according to IGN, which will host a full reveal, including gameplay and platforms, on Monday and Tuesday.

But the latter may have leaked ahead of the time.

A cached page on Precursor’s website (discovered by NeoGAF member 898) reveals the game is being targeted for Wii U and PC, while “other platforms” may be considered in the future. It will be released in episodes (at least 12, it seems), each offering approximately two to four hours of play time, and launch in Q3 2014. Approximately $1.1 million is needed to fund the project.

Here’s a bit about the story:

When Detective Paul Becker is called to one of the bloodiest gang massacres in Louisiana state history, only two survivors remain from a brutal conflict between two rival cults. As Becker begins his interrogations of the suspects, their combined recollections will uncover the truth about the ‘Ancients’.

Shadow of the Ancients is a sequel to the critically acclaimed Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Reqiuem. Featuring an ensemble cast of heroes and villains, the game will span over 2500 years of history throughout Egypt, England, Hungary, and the United States. Players will question the perception of reality as they try to balance the mechanics of combat, magick, and sanity events to progress through the adventure.

Shadow of the Ancients will take players on a memorable journey throughout time; weaving historical fact with disturbing fiction to create an experience unlike any other.

Stay tuned.

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  • xMCXx

    Man, episodic? Not a fan of this.

  • Haku_Luvs_You

    Awesome! Hope the sanity meter returns as well :)

  • Budgiecat

    Looks a bit too Unreal Enginey….

    Why can’t Nintendo fund it?

    • fallen

      Agreed on that second point. Shouldn’t Nintendo be throwing money at anyone reputable who wants to make a game for their system?

      Their E3 presser this year must be rife with megatons, just like they always are!


      • Sal Romano

        I’m not sure people consider anything related to Denis Dyack “reputable” anymore.

        • fallen

          You mean after the mediocrity of Too Human? That’s a good point, I totally forgot about that game (which is a bad enough sign). Or did I miss something else?

          • Skerj

            Oh you missed the fantastic X-Men Destiny.

          • AuroraXIII

            This is what you missed.

            It’s a long read, but it explains the ugly truth behind Dyack.

            • fallen

              I generally stay away from Kotaku, but that was an extremely interesting read. Thanks for hunting it down just to share it with me, Aurora. I wish to withdraw my usage of “reputable.” :)

  • Carlos Luis Ayala

    Looks cool but no PS3 or PS4 no sale good for wiiu owners though

  • Sevyne

    Don’t really like that it will be episodic, but I’ll take it however I can get it. Been waiting too long for another Eternal Darkness. I’ll definitely be supporting it.

  • nyobzoo

    at least 12 episode!? unless they’re $5 an episode, no sale

  • $30632660

    I never played Eternal Darkness and was never really interested in it to begin with.

    But I am happy that people who’ve been wanting a sequel is sort of getting one.The trailer looked ok, but then I saw the “episodic” part of the article and I was like -_-.

    Sega tried that with “Sonic 4” and failed.Not to say that this game will fail too if it went down this route.

  • Elvick

    They shouldn’t announce games like this if they’re meant to be crowd funded. -.-

  • Jerry Jcwgpii

    What it exist games for Wii U o_0 i did´t no^^
    Good for the handful Wii U player, but for me its not a reason to buy a Wii U.
    Mayby in the next couble of years so i can play all the good exklusiv games lol