Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate: Jacky Bryant, Ein detailed; new stages Lost World and Forest revealed
posted on 05.23.13 at 12:05 PM EDT by (@salromano)
First screenshots of new fighters, stages.

Tecmo Koei and Team Ninja have detailed Dead or Alive 5‘s latest additions: playable characters Jacky Bryant, making his way to Dead or Alive from Virtua Fighter, and Ein, returning from Dead or Alive 2, and new stages “Lost World” and “Forest.”


  • Jacky Bryant – known as Blue Flash in indie racing circles, is the fourth fighter to crossover from the Virtua Fighter universe. Older brother to Sarah Bryant, Jacky has resolved to take down the mysterious organization J6 who has targeted Sarah. Entering a new type of battle, Jacky will collect information to prepare for the inevitable showdown with J6. Skilled in the art of Jeet Kune Do, Jacky brings his own style to the arena with mercilessly fast chains and combos forcing opponents to stay on the defensive.
  • Ein – this fan favorite makes his first return to the franchise since Dead or Alive 2. Known as “The Iron Fist with a Lost Past”, Ein was discovered deep within the Black Forest of Germany without any memory of his past. Saved by a karate master, he eventually learned his true identity as Hayate, Kasumi’s brother, and of his kidnapping by DOATEC for the purpose of human research for “Project Epsilon”. However, whether his memory has fully returned is questionable. Ein is a well-rounded fighter ideal for fighters new to Dead or Alive whose deadly karate punches send opponents flying into walls and Danger Zones.


  • Lost World – high above the clouds a battle rages atop a steep vertical stone cliff against a backdrop of distant waterfalls. Fighters must take extra caution in the deceptively serene stage riddled with hazardous areas of narrow footing and massive stone pillars that result in extra damage when thrown against.
  • Forest – takes fighters into the fall season in a dense forest replete with the beautiful hues of autumn foliage. Battling along a single road that gets increasing steep as it approaches the mountains, players will use elevation to gain a strategic advantage on their opponent.

View a new set of screenshots at the gallery. Watch a new gameplay video below.

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  • bloodiOS

    Tch! Should’ve had a screenshot of Jacky beating Jann up… By the way, is there any reason that we should use Ein? Won’t his moveset just be a clone of Hayate?

    • Adol Christin

      Ein’s fighting style is quite different from Hayate. Its more similar to Hitomi. Actually her style is based of him. Ein is the original karate style character in DOA.

      • bloodiOS

        Ah, I see (just saw the video which demonstrates what you said as well.) I didn’t play the earlier titles, so I never knew.

      • Budgiecat

        So… basically he became useless upon the arrival of Hitomi and does not even fit in the story of DoA 5…

  • Adol Christin

    I like both Jacky and Ein :)

    • KnifeAndFork

      that’s great but I like Ryo Hazuki and Lan Di

  • SuperLuigi

    My favorite characters from both VF and DOA in one game? Looks like I will be buying this!

  • uhawww

    Haha. Jacky.

  • Luccie85

    damn it! i don’t like any boys in this game. Add some more girls and i consider buying this game … again.

  • Skerj

    So how long until we see a full blown VF vs DOA? This is missing an absurdly high amount of Lei-Fei.

  • Gilgamesh2025

    I wish they would make all the new extras obtainable as DLCs for the owners of the original game but I doubt it.

  • disqus_okKceRwX4v

    lost world returns from doa 3 sweet

  • TaihoT3

    Ein was in Doa4 though.

  • KnifeAndFork

    Jackie has a bit of Eurasian face now

  • Peacenutman

    May we please have Aoi?

    • Nitraion

      Yes I want her too

  • Amaterasu

    Those stages look nice and that is a really cute outfit for Kasumi.

  • PrinceHeir


    though i still wish they saved the VF characters for a crossover game.

    with Momiji, Ein, Leon, all pretty much confirm please put these characters on the game!!

    Rachel, Mizuki Mcloud and Irene Law/Sonia can be bonus too

    other boss characters to return just to play with it like in Dimensions. Alpha-152, Gohyakumine Bankotsubo, Kasumi Alpha, Genra, Raidou

    come on Tecmo Koei!!!!!!