Wii channel services shutting down on June 28
posted on 04.12.13 at 09:29 AM EDT by (@admeady)
But the Wii Shop Channel will remain online and open.

Nintendo has announced that it will be shutting down several of the Wii’s online services this summer, resulting in the closure of several of the console’s channels.

Five channels, the Nintendo Channel, News Channel, Forecast Channel, Everybody Votes Channel, and the Mii Contest Channel, will be shutdown on June 28.

Players will also no longer be able to send and receive messages via the Wii Message Board, although Nintendo’s Wii Shop Channel is set to stay open.

“We at Nintendo sincerely thank you for your continued patronage of our company’s products. We apologize to those of you currently using these services, and ask for your understanding,” the company said.

“The above services will no longer be available even if they are started up from the Wii Menu. However, services other than those mentioned above, such as the Wii Shop Channel and ‘Today’s Accomplishments’ on the Wii Message Board, will remain available.”

Thanks, Eurogamer.

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