Star Citizen boss interested in PlayStation 4
posted on 04.23.13 at 05:04 PM EDT by (@salromano)
"I would definitely consider putting it on PS4."

Star Citizen creator Chris Roberts is interested in bringing his Kickstarter-funded space trading and combat game to PlayStation 4, he told

“[The PlayStation 4]’s a nice piece of hardware, but I think it’s going to be hard for them to go much less than $400 without taking a massive loss on it,” said Roberts. “The good news is that it’s essentially a PC, so that means PC owners will get much better ports of console games.

“I’m not a PC elitist by any means; if I could be on the PS4, and they were open, and I could do the updating and all the sort of stuff we’re trying to do on Star Citizen, then I would definitely consider putting it on PS4, because it’s essentially a PC with a friendlier operating system.”

Sony has previously shown its support for indie games on PlayStation 4 with titles like Jonathan Blow’s The Witness, Lukewarm Media’s Primal Carnage: Genesis, and Zombie Studios’ Blacklight: Retribution.

Star Citizen is slated for a PC release in November 2014.

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    • Skerj

      x999 my friend.

  • DarthBrian

    I’m getting it on PC for sure, but if there’s a PS4 version, I’d definitely double-dip for dem Trophies. ^_^

  • Anthony Foster

    Wonder if this means the PC controls will be dumbed down?
    Will get for PC even if it comes out for PS4 though just for the Oculus Rift support.

    • rockman29

      Nah I doubt it. Remember this guy is working for himself and the paying fans, not for a dumbass publisher.

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    Someone tweet this to Shahid, stat!

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