Sony developers talk DualShock 4
posted on 04.25.13 at 09:45 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Another look at the PlayStation 4 controller.

DualShock 4

Sony has shared a new video featuring Sony developers talking up the new PlayStation 4 controller, the DualShock 4.

The developers discuss the controller’s new features like the sensor light and Share button. Watch the clip below.

Thanks, PlayStation Blog.

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  • Tac-Mex

    Nice, they seem to be very pleased, i can’t wait for the SONYDOMINATION at e3 this year

  • Rafael Martines

    What about the console itself SONY?

    • Ritsujun

      The boobs are over there. →

      • DrForbidden

        And the dick is right above this post.

    • Guest

      They’ll save that for E3, probably after Microsoft have revealed their console’s features and exclusives. Sony has to keep some of their cards close to their chest so they can bring focus back to the PS4, their features and their exclusives after Microsoft have made their announcements and their attempt to gain the media and gamers’ attention.

    • Elvick

      Who cares? You’ll care about the console’s appearance for the least amount of time. Games, you’ll spend your entire generation playing them. Controller, you’ll be using this the entire generation to play your games. The OS, you’ll be using this to move about your system and it’s features.

      The console itself, you hook it up and that’s it. Oh sorry, plus putting in a disc here and there.

      If they showed the system’s plastic, you’d be unhappier. Games, controller and OS are far more important.

      • DrForbidden

        While I agree that the games, controller and OS are more important, the physical external interface of the console is much more than just plastic. It decides factors like how you insert and remove discs, how any USB ports there are, how efficient the cooling is, etc. So, yes, if you intend to own one, you should care.

        • Elvick

          Cooling is something you don’t know about from looking at a system. 360 had so many holes, how could it possibly overheat! :D

          You don’t need to see the system to know how many USB ports there are either. You just need a confirmed bullet point list. And whether they’re on the front or back doesn’t matter too much, since both work. Both have draw backs too. Depends on what you want to put in there.

          I’m sure the PS4 will have a brand new system for inserting discs. That uses the PS4’s PS Eye to see if you are bowing down to the system with a disc in your hands as an offering, then tentacles will fly out of the system and take the game and enter it.

          You know, the normal stuff.

          Again, you don’t need to see the system to know how a disc is going to be put into the system. It’ll be on the front. Not the bottom of the system or the back. -.- It’ll be standard shit like every other electronic that takes discs. There’s only really three options, all of which would work fine. Three guesses on which one it’s going to be… hint, likely the same kind PS3, PS3 slim, Wii and Wii U use.

          • DrForbidden

            The disc-tray access on the superslim is markedly-different from the phat and slim. And even if it is ‘from the front’, details like the tray eject or if it even HAS a tray are features that would be nice to know. Some systems survive repeated actions better than others. It would also be interesting to know where and how many usb ports there are, and other details like where the HDD is located and how it can be changed (as much as I loved the phat, changing the HDD on it was a nightmare with the overly-tight screws).

            It’s funny you should bring up the Xbox, because I was just thinking that early X360 adopters are precisely the example why knowing the design and the external interface of a console matters. MS made a crappy console case with a crappy fan and heatsink that was unable to dissipate the generated heat at a sufficient rate, and an internet meme was born.

            Do these things matter? Probably not that much when it comes to making the choice of which console to purchase. I agree that exclusives, controller, and to a small extent, the OS probably outweigh the form factor. In the long run and in the entirety of the console gaming experience, though, I believe it deserves more than just ‘Who cares?’ as a response.

    • LordKaiser

      It’s better if they haven’t fully design it yet as they can still add a PS3 mini.

  • tubers

    Still not getting over the ugly sausage grips…

  • Zero

    I like that sounds will come from the controller. I kinda liked that when using Wii remotes.

    • Elvick

      Let’s just hope that the speaker is better than the Wii’s. :P

      • Anthony Foster

        Hopefully it wont pull a dreamcast with the BEEEEEEEEP! from the controller(vmu) when starting up.

  • 武神水樹

    That video gets me excited

  • bloodiOS

    Those handles are looking positively comfortable, I’m liking them more and more by the days. Here’s hoping that by launch time, the Dual Shock 4’s D-pad will be tweaked to look like something similar to the Vita’s. I once got a chance try out the Vita over at my friend’s place and to be honest, I truly think that the Vita’s D-pad must be the best one I’ve ever touched out of anything PlayStation. That thing is just smooth, slick, and fantastic.

    As for the DS4’s touch pad. I’m thinking that it might be fun to play Child of Eden with it.

    • DrForbidden

      They’re longer than previous DS’s, so I suspect that, yes, they will be more comfortable, especially for people with bigger hands.

    • Yvonne Tsang

      Man, the controller’s great for people who have big hands, but those with small hands are gonna feel a bit less comfortable with this than with the older DS’s. One reason why I disliked the 360 controller so much.

  • new_tradition

    That headset input on the top of the controller interests me. I’m not really familiar with head set jacks beyond the usual 3.5mm types, but going by that input on the top of PS4 controller, is it possible you can plug in any head set and enjoy some private gaming, or will sound still be coming out of the tv?

    I have the PS Stereo Headset that I use for PS3 games (no compatibility with PS2 games, but I can listen to DVD movies, wut O_o), so I hope it’s compatible with the PS4.

  • P Henry

    No mention of the triggers, the only real things that needed work to fix the terrible DS3/Suxaxis sponge buttons