Mind 0’s “stylish MIND battles” detailed
posted on 04.05.13 at 12:44 AM EDT by (@salromano)
LP and MP, MIND Guard, and MIND Break detailed.

Acquire and Zerodiv have provided first details on Mind 0‘s “stylish MIND battle” system. The heroes of the upcoming PS Vita RPG utilize Persona-like counterparts called Mental Inside Nobody Dolls—or MIND, for short—during combat.

LP and MP

Two of the player’s three gauges:

  • Life Points (LP): Indicates the physical strength of the player.
  • MIND Points (MP): Indicates the MIND energy of the player.

High Attack Power

When your MIND is summoned, unlike normal attacks, you will be able to deal a greater amount of damage to enemies.

MIND Guard

When your MIND is summoned, your LP will decrease as you fight and hold back enemies. Your MP will also decrease.

MIND Break

When your MP falls to zero, “MIND Break” will be invoked and the summoned MIND will have no further turns. If an enemy unleashes a powerful attack, you could be in a pinch depending on the situation.

View four new screenshots at the gallery.

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