Grasshopper Manufacture’s next game is a new IP running on Unreal Engine with ‘unique’ online features
posted on 04.05.13 at 10:34 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Unreal Engine 3 or 4? "If we told you, you would know about the platforms."

Grasshopper Manufacuture’s next game, first discussed in Famitsu last week, is an new IP action game for consoles, possibly next-gen, running on the Unreal Engine, new interviews with studio boss Goichi Suda confirm. 

“We’re considering various console platforms right now,” Suda told Edge. “We’re considering both [current and next-gen]. Naturally we are interested in developing games for the next-gen platforms. We are investigating the specs and all that right now.”

“We can say it’s for consoles, but we can’t say which one yet since we haven’t decided,” GungHo Online Entertainment CEO Kazuki Morishita told Siliconera.

While the gameplay will be action-oriented, “the gameplay style is going to differ very much—it’ll be unique,” according to Suda. And the developer’s newfound home at GungHo Online Entertainment means there will be an online component involved.

“This is a title that GungHo Japan and Grasshopper Manufacture is working on together collaboratively so there will be an online feature, because that’s their forte and what they specialize in,” Suda told Edge. “On the simplest level it will be social, but the word social is used and misinterpreted a lot these days. GungHo has over ten years of experience in providing online gaming services so that is their strength.

Asked by Siliconera if the online component was versus or cooperative, Morishita said, “If we were to choose it’s more on the co-op side, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely multiplayer.” He added that it’s close to Dark Souls and Puzzles & Dragons, “but different” from it, as well.

Suda added, “It’s new and unique, something you haven’t seen before with a different style of friends system.”

The game will run on the Unreal Engine, but when asked if it was Unreal Engine 3 or 4, Morishita told Siliconera, “It’s one of those two! If we told you, you would know about the platforms.”

Grasshopper’s new game is slated for release in 2014.

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