God Dimension Idol Neptune PP debut trailer
posted on 04.24.13 at 11:58 PM EDT by (@salromano)
See event parts, live events, viewer mode, and more.

Compile Heart has released the debut trailer for God Dimension Idol Neptune PP, its upcoming PS Vita idol game spin-off of the Neptunia RPG series.

The clip shows dialogue events, live show events, a vertical viewer mode, and more. Towards the end, you’ll see the limited edition, which includes a comic drawn by Saimaru Bamyuuda, a Situation CD, and a special-make mobile stand, and the pre-order bonus PS Vita skin.

The game’s out June 20 in Japan.

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  • PrinceHeir


  • DarthBrian

    that was awesome. O_O

  • Eclipse

    I’m really liking what I’m seeing.

    June’s going to be an awesome month for fans of Compile Heart <3

  • Andrew Arndt

    i want this so much

    • NeoTechni

      Agreed, might as well let us pre-order now, NIS

      • Hikaru Lighthalzen

        but its compile heart who made this..

        • NeoTechni

          NIS localizes their games

    • Elvick

      Tell me about it! D:

    • Budgiecat

      I’ll skip it

  • Karl Josef

    I’m might not pre-order it because it has VN which is

    • ekibyougami

      > “has VN”
      I believe you mean the dialogue sequence (with advance animation system). You do know what a “VN” is, right? <.<

      • Budgiecat

        He means visual novel style presentation. Regardless of it being motion portrait, 3D models with a locked camera or static 2D portraits.

        For example, no one would confuse Time Travelers for having a standard VN style presentation as it has a cinematic approach

        • ekibyougami

          I understand your point and where you’re coming from based from the context of his post. But I don’t think he himself does.

      • Karl Josef

        wtf!? I said, “VN which is in JAPANESE”
        got it memorized?
        I read VN and LN.

        • ekibyougami

          Blame your grammar. How is this “VN” you mentioned related to the game’s preorder? <.< If you mean Situation CD, you do know what a "Situation CD" is, right?

  • chobitsza

    Already ask my friend to order it for me. That lovely sticker skin will be stick on my Vita soon.

  • http://lukalovesgames.blogspot.de/ Alkaid

    Oh if this is released here… it would be the greatest pleasure of a lifetime. Imagine Imai Asami-sama singing. Oh wait there was something like that… in Corpe Party and BlazBlue as well as IdolMaster!
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgWfPOtHN4E *love*
    Okay then Tanaka Rie! ..Ah wait even I know that already, she is Tanaka Sei from Bakuretsu Tenshi and released many singles as well as a album.

    Sato Rina also had various albums and many characters and even played Nakashima Naomi in Corpse Party. And I can’t even remember all that Ueda Kana (IF-chan) did.
    Even Asumi Kana (White Heart) did a lot of Stuff including Nanoha Portable A’s (Isis Egret). Come to think of it Neptune really has an absolutely gorgeous japanese cast.

    Okay… this doesn’t get anywhere. Let’s just settle on buying the game if it’s released here.

  • artemisthemp

    I hope this makes it to EU, but I fear it won’t duo to license for Music

  • http://chaosraiden.blogspot.com/ Chaos Raiden

    Neptune in idol costume is so moe.

  • http://www.psvitadirect.com/ Kurisu Makise

    This title went a long way for me. From “It’s…not an RPG…eh…” to “…Okay, that’s a funny storyline.” and then to “This looks really cute~” The game inspired stages for the performances look really neat. It’s a shame that NISA probably will skip this.