Galapagos RPG Project #1 is a fantasy RPG from Team Neptune featuring Yoshitaka Amano, Earthbound Papas
posted on 04.25.13 at 09:22 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Teaser trailer shows dark atmosphere.

The first project under Compile Heart’s newly announced Galapagos RPG brand is a fantasy RPG from the team behind Hyperdimension Neptunia featuring artwork from Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano and music from the Earthbound Papas, Final Fantasy veteran composer Nobuo Uematsu’s band.

A teaser trailer released today shows a bit of artwork and promises a full announcement in the May 9 issue of Weekly Famitsu.

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  • Sal Romano

    This certainly looks… different.

    At least from what Compile Heart normally does.

    • Raiyu

      That’s the first thing that came to mind.

  • whiteferrero

    well well… color me interested.

  • Alkaid

    That’s somehow… a really funky thing. Yoshitaka Amano and Earthbound Paps plus the Nepu-Nepu team. o___o
    Intriguing, let’s see how it takes shape! :)

  • Eclipse

    I seriously did not see this coming… what an unexpected surprise!

    Compile Heart <3

  • KiQun

    This is a big surprise for me. Now I’m kinda looking forward this title.

  • Spectacularity


  • DarthBrian

    Yoshitaka Amano? O_O

    ALL OVER MY FACE!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • bloodiOS

    I truly did not expect this after watching yesterday’s video, the tone just drastically changed into something much darker. I’m liking how this is turning out (and Amano’s artistic illustrations only serve to boost the interest even more.) Definitely can’t wait to hear more about it!

  • Gaara D.Dragon

    Is Compile Heart going to make a…. serious rpg ?!

  • uhawww

    Amano and Earthbound Papas?
    Wow. I’m extremely intrigued…as it will probably still be weird.

    • Aushria

      Earthbound Papas did a good majority of the music for Neptune V, along with Kenji Ito. Amano’s art being a part of it seems like a plus to me…maybe they are trying to make a serious RPG this time?

      I certainly hope so.

    • Budgiecat

      I would like Amano to go back to his Tatsunoko studio artist origins rather than his FF cover style/Vampire Hunter D style so that it does not conflict with FF style or Vampire Hunter D.

      Remember he is responsible for helping create Speed Racer, Gatchaman, Yatterman, Casshern, Tekkaman and Hurricane Polymar!,

      Love that old 70’s art style. Go back to that please for this.

  • DesmaX

    A “serious JRPG” with gameplay as good as Neptunia Victory (Got my copy this week. Loving it so far) is like a dream coming true

  • TimeMaster

    I want this game injected into my brain now that I’ve heard about the people behind the project. It’s not what I would expect from CH but I can’t wait until more is revealed.

  • PrinceHeir


  • InsaneChronos

    This combintaion is certainly unexpected and cool 0_0

  • chobitsza

    Can’t wait for detail of the game.

    Serious RPG + Serious Gameplay + Serious Character please.

  • fallen

    Neptunia 1 was the worst RPG I have ever played. Period. By a mile. And one of two games I have ever returned. And I have been playing RPGs since the NES. I have no faith that they can do these industry legends any justice.

    Why the fuck isn’t this game being developed by a competent studio like Mistwalker? Uematsu and Amano were both clearly down for this collaboration. How did Mistwalker never suggest it???

    (Downvote my logical, incontrovertible comment. You guys are great at that, and I’m expecting it. But this had to be said.)

    • DesmaX

      But the first one is horrible.

      But they’re decent nowadays

    • z_merquise

      I thought Mistwalker is more like a concept studio while they hire another game developer to work on that concept.

      I actually never played any Neptunia games but I read that they get better in every sequel. They sure learned a lot from their past experience so I think they can prove themselves capable in this one.

      It ain’t my style to downvote someone, so don’t worry about me.

    • Aushria

      Actually, most people agree that the first game was terrible, I loved the series for a time, but I’ve always hated the first game. That aside, Neptune Mk2 and Neptune Victory have very SOLID gameplay, and improve on most aspects overall.

      Neptune V also has Earthbound Papas and Kenji Ito behind it’s music composition as well as backing from Marvelous AQL, Namco Bandai, MAGES, Falcom, CyberConnect2, and Broccoli.

      That aside, I don’t fault you for having such an opinion. HyperDimension Neptunia is trash, the first title always will be. However, you don’t bash as series based on one title when you seem to imply you haven’t played the others.

      Anyway, since I agree with you, I am not going to downvote your comment—I am going to do quite the opposite, as a matter of fact.

      • fallen

        I do agree that it makes no sense to bash a series based on one title (especially the first — if I were to apply the same logic to Final Fantasy, I would certainly be robbing myself), but I have heard very fervent support from fans of the series for even the first game, and that has really made it difficult to trust their support.

        That said, you and DesmaX are both people who do not fall under that camp… so maybe they really have been improving, as you two and z_merquise have suggested?

        That’s surprising. I suppose, then that there is hope for this game, after all! I’ll have to check out Neptunia V.

        Thanks to all three of you so far for your cordial responses.

        • DesmaX

          There is a demo on the Japanese Store. Not sure if it’s still there, but if you want to check it out.

          EDIT: Oh, I didn’t notice Budgiecat comment. My bad

          • fallen

            Thanks for the thought anyway!

    • Budgiecat

      They are remaking the first game on Vita for that reason. Pretty much they themselves and everyone else besides you know that the game engine blew.
      Thats why the 2 sequels play nothing like it.
      If you’ve created a Japanese PSN account (look up the tutorial its not hard) do yourself a favor and play the Neptunia Victory demo thats there. The battle engine is like a 100 times better and this is coming from someone who had the first game too and also could not stand it.

      • fallen

        I will do that, entirely because of the reaction so far to my comment. Thanks for letting me know the free demo exists!

      • penemue

        Hyperdimension Neptunia Re; Birth 1 is not necessarily a remake. “Additionally, the magazine provides a brief tidbit on the recently announced Hyperdimension Neptunia Re; Birth 1: the game is basically a compilation of ideas for future games crammed into one single game.”

        It sounds to be a bit more than that. –

        On the topic of this game however, I am greatly excited, Compile Heart have gotten better with every release, (and I say this as someone who thought Neptunia 1 and 2 were downright terrible.) I can’t wait to see what this turns out to be like.

    • adhesive

      I was agreeing with you until you suggested Mistwalker develop it. It’s not a bad studio, but with the exception of Lost Odyssey(which had its own flaws), their history has been unspectacular to say the least. It’s clear that they’re not the developers people once thought they were.

    • Elvick

      Mistwalker isn’t even a full development studio. All of their console and handheld games were outsourced to other developers. Not sure if they actually did the development of their mobile stuff, but meh on those.

      Edit; Should read all responses before commenting, this was already pointed out.

  • z_merquise

    This is interesting. It seems like a dark-fantasy RPG (and I hope it is).

    Compile Heart seems to be trying something different and that’s nice to see. Hope this won’t disappoint.

  • orenji

    this game looks so… “dark”. I can’t believe this is from Compile Heart xD

  • Aushria

    I knew Compile Heart had it in them to make a serious JRPG. Here’s hoping it pays off for them, bigtime.

    • MogCakes

      Yar, this is their chance to really make a name for themselves, at least in the realm of JRPGs.

  • new_tradition

    I am cautiously interested. The only Compile Heart game I have is Record of Agarest War Zero, and even though I love SRPGs, I got confused about 20 minutes into it. I suck ;A;

    Also, I feel obligated as a FF fan to at least check out anything that has Uematsu or Amano in the credits, lol.

    • MogCakes

      Especially when they’re both on the same project! I’d never have guessed Compile Heart would be at the center of it though.

      • new_tradition

        Me neither. I looked over the list of games they brought out in English, and while it’s not all borderline ecchi fanservice all the time

        EDIT: Weird, this posted my partial post O_o

        Anyways, I was saying, while they don’t just do one style, the trailer wouldn’t make me think Compile Hearts either.

        Heck, I could imagine if they wanted to market this over seas, they’ll definitely be pimping out Amano’s name in advertisement in relation to the work he did for Final Fantasy (I guess they could say Uematsu even though it’s technically his rock band that might cause some confusion, hrmm…)

        I really am a blind fan-I’m excited merely over music and character design so far, and this might not even come out in English, lol ;A;

        • MogCakes

          Haha, that makes two of us!

  • Solomon_Kano

    Now here’s an interesting change of pace for CH. This should be interesting.

  • Syltique

    So their spin-off brand that is focusing exclusively on domestic Japanese market games puts out dark fantasy with Amano art and rock music from the Earthbound Papas, but the games they make that get localized for the US include Hyper-dimension Neptunia?

    • MogCakes

      I think this huge departure from what they usually make is the reason it’s Japan-only for now; they want to see if it’s successful in the home market first before investing more capital. When viewed in terms of content though it’s a very funny prioritization.

  • ddsfan2

    Even with Amano and Uematsu’s band involved, I’m still skeptical. I’m certainly interested though. Sounds like a refreshing change of pace.

  • Vyse Legendaire

    I’m not quite sure which is more noteworthy….that all of these guys are collaborating on a game that is supposed to be dark and Japanese-orientated despite nothing really differentiating this game from past niche RPGs which nevertheless made it overseas, or that even with all of these people…the game will still probably range from ‘meh’ to ‘suck’.

  • Elvick

    So weird that the game they’re making “for Japan” seems to be like their most western friendly game.

    Granted we haven’t seen much of anything, but that tone in that teaser. @_@ And dat Amano art.

    Really looking forward to seeing the game.

  • Adol Christin

    I really want to know the platform/s :)

    • Anime10121

      I’ll bet you a nickel its for PS3. Heck if I remember correctly, wasnt this already confirmed to be a PS3 game?

      • Adol Christin

        Nope, not yet.

  • Anime10121

    Seems interesting, Compile has been getting better as their releases go as far as fun”ness”, technical issues, graphics, etc. So I cant wait to see what this project will entail! And I dont think a “JRPG for Japan” is what most of you are seeming to think it is, heck the Tales of series are “JRPG’s for Japan” and they still get (well for the most part) released in the west.

    There arent many series out there that get announced simultaneously for the east and west (barring Final Fantasy), so I’m fairly positive this will make its way here by way of Nis America. Hell even the Hyper Dimension Neptunia games arent announced for the west until generally after they’ve released in Japan. So my advice, be patient, as I”m about 99% positive we’ll see this :D

  • Hikaru Lighthalzen

    take it to vita and vita will be dark handheld , following soul sacrifice :D

  • Zackasaur

    That was unexpected.

  • Fango

    since it bears the name GALAGAPOS, i hope it’s similar to E.V.O. game on the snes where you get points and attribute them to evolutionary body parts. Although I highly doubt it

    • Budgiecat

      It bears the name Galapagos because of “Galapagos Syndrome”, otherwise known as the isolationist mentality of a community that purposely closes itself off from the rest of the world due to extreme Nationalism and Xenophobia.
      They stated that their type of games would stay Japanese and would not try to change their style to cater to the West. Its one out of pride, but something that I don’t particularly agree with in terms of design growth and financial growth of a company as there are things communities can learn from each other.

  • LordKaiser

    You guys are jumping the gun to early. It’s just a teaser guys.

  • Pekola

    Followed up by a teaser trailer—

    *Ominous music suddenly goes all cutesy and big boobs cover the screen* “Hahaha we fooled you all!”

    But yeah, I’m pleasantly surprised. Let’s hope it delivers and doesn’t have a broken battle system.

  • Archvile

    Amano AND Uematsu? Now i’m quite certainly interested.