Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn screenshots
posted on 04.18.13 at 04:47 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Latest shots show MMORPG's classes and jobs.

The official Final Fantasy XIV website has been updated with new screenshots.

The images show the various classes and jobs of the MMORPG. On the class front, you’ll see the Gladiator, Pugilist, Marauder, Lancer, Archer, Conjurer, and Thaumaturge. And on the job front, you’ll see the Paladin, Monk, Warrior, Dragoon, Bard, White Mage, and Black Mage.

View the screenshots at the gallery.

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  • 武神水樹

    I’ll be playing the beta this weekend

    • Kurisu Makise

      Lucky, report back in on how things are progressing. Oh, which platform btw?

      • Zero

        I’ve had the chance to play some of the beta for a while now. (Legacy member.) They still have lots of features locked down and restricted. I’m waiting for them to start letting us try more new stuff.

        Edit – I’m not really allowed to go into great detail here because of the NDA.

        • Kurisu Makise

          I was about to say, “that’s a bit more info than I thought” due to the NDA (I applied for the PS3 phase, so I’ve read the whole deal).

      • 武神水樹


        • Kurisu Makise

          Enjoy it, ARR looks exactly how FFXIV should have been.

      • 武神水樹

        Combat is slow, all skills and spells use the same global cooldown. You can’t do any mixups. Besides that the game is super pretty but i’ve been spoiled by TERA and Blade and Soul videos, i’ll probably skip this

        • Zero

          The combat is slow when compared to those games. It’s not a fast action combat game. It’s somewhere in the middle, because it isn’t that slow. I’ve played games with far slower combat.

          I think both styles can be pretty fun, but the current set up in this stage of the beta is fairly restricted from what I’ve played.

          I think the current level cap is 25. I’ve heard rumors about a special NPC, this NPC will let you auto raise character levels and such.

          If you mean combos when you say mixups, yes, you can do combos in the game. As you gain levels, you learn specific abilities that combo with each other. This was being tweaked when they shut down the old version of XIV. I do know they plan to add more stuff when it comes to combat, it’s not finished by any means.

          I think it’s pretty bare-bones currently, the beta is. That’s just my opinion. I can’t go into super detail here, but you understand.

          In other words, I wouldn’t judge it just yet. I’m still going to wait it out, see how things improve in the beta, leading up till the final version. That’s what the beta is for. ^^

    • Skerj

      I think I might as well, I skipped it last weekend.

    • PrinceHeir

      report back soldier!!!

  • veruses

    I can never say no to monk.

  • xanhisam

    Still waiting for a beta key… :( I was a part of the closed beta when the game first launched — I would really like to give FFXIV another chance.

  • Karl Josef

    is this FF XIV free on ps3?
    or you need to buy it?
    or you need to make you account ps+?

    • Zero

      When the game does come out, you need to buy a copy of the game and it will come with a free month of play. If you want to continue playing it after the free month, you have to pay Square-Enix the subscription fee.

      You don’t need PS Plus. You can go sign up for the PS3 versions beta test if you like.