Conception II introduces Eri, Narika, and Phine
posted on 04.03.13 at 02:32 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Plus, meet two of the game's 24 Star Children.

Famitsu has revealed three more of the seven heroines in its upcoming PS Vita and 3DS RPG Conception II: Guidance of Seven Stars and Muzzle’s Nightmare.

Players can adventure and make “Star Children” (your literal kid army) with these heroines through love ceremonies. The key is to deepen your ties with these girls.

Eri: A bright and energetic girl, Eri is younger than the protagonist. She may appear very child-like, but she is actually quite mature.

Narika: She sits next to the hero in school, and is a class committee member. She is a shy and reserved person, but is strong and grateful at her core. She’s not very self-conscious, so her choice of clothing is relatively bold.

Phine: A third-year student and senior to the protagonist, she is very diligent and polite. Though a ‘cool’ person, she sometimes displays her girl feelings. She is also a leading disciple in fighting strength.

Additionally, Famitsu revealed two of the 24 types of Star Children.

Magical Witch: A magic user, but different from the Magician in the first game in that she emits a dark, gloomy aura.

Shooter: A high-powered gun wielder whose powerful blows and accurate shooting make it best used as an attacker. Prefers one Shooter per team.

Conception II is due out this summer in Japan.

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