Capcom announces Gaist Crusher for 3DS
posted on 04.02.13 at 07:18 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Capcom's new cross-media IP for elementary school boys.

Capcom announced Gaist Crusher, a 3DS “custom armor action” cross-media project targeted at elementary school boys, at a press conference in the Tokyo metropolitan area today.

The project will emphasize on “armors, transformations, and collections,” and expand to not only games, but manga (distrubted through V-Jump and Saikyo Jump), anime (produced by Pierrot), music (produced by Avex), and toys (called “Gaimetal” and produced by Bandai).

The 3DS game, due out this winter in Japan, stars 13-year-old junior high school freshman Recca Shirogane, one of a group of boys who utilizes the power of the metal life-form called “Gaist” in “Gaist Gear” suits to battle over 100 types of Gaist creatures and protect the peace on Earth.

Capcom is drawing from two strengths for Gaist Crusher. The first is the expertise for “producing content for children” gained through the Mega Man series. The second is its “high-grade multiplayer capability” it gained through the Monster Hunter series.

Watch the debut trailer below. View the first screenshots at the gallery.

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