Bravely Default coming west in 2014
posted on 04.17.13 at 10:40 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Nintendo to publish Square Enix's new 3DS RPG.

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, launched last October in Japan, is coming to North America in 2014 and to Europe in 2013.

Nintendo will publish the Square Enix-owned RPG, which was developed by 3D Dot Game Heroes creator Silicon Studio.

Watch an English-subtitled trailer below.

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  • Stealth


    • uhawww

      Oh you. <3

    • refrain

      Is your brain full of fuck? Or do you even have brain?

      • Kayoss860

        I vote that his brain is full of fuck. If he didn’t have one he wouldn’t able to type that full of fuck comment, so the only option left is that his brain is full of fuck.

    • Duc PC-QB

      The hell ? Did your head hit somewhere ?
      How is this news related to Vita ?

    • 禍津水樹 (MagatsuMizuki)

      It’s not dead but Nintendo is on the offensive

    • LordKaiser

      You’re overestimating Nintendo.

    • Locksus

      Yeah, no.

    • Zero

      Please stop posting comments like this in almost every single thread. It doesn’t add anything to the discussion. I understand that you have issues with the Vita. That’s no excuse to repeatedly rant about it with nearly every single post you make here.

    • Raiu

      Are you possibly the same Stealth from CVG?

  • DarthBrian

    woo-hoo! :)

  • SasuleUchiha


  • Haku_Luvs_You

    Can’t wait! I loved the demo from Japan :) The Brave and Default system works great.

  • Anime10121

    All of my wants! And I’m actually glad it’s gonna take that long as this year is already gonna leave me broke enough.

  • Solomon_Kano


  • Zackasaur

    Awwww yeah.

  • Blaz

    North America and Europe in 2014, that is wrong.

    North America is 2014 while Europe is 2013.

  • fyi1191

    Still a long wait to go.

  • $30632660

    Miracles do come true T-T

  • Elvick

    That’s ridiculous. We should have already gotten it, and not by Nintendo.

    SE, what is wrong with you?

    I guess better late than never.

  • Locksus

    Thank you, Nintendo! I’m having tons of fun with OoT right now and with the release of FE: A on Friday, I’ll have tons to play.

  • Noctis_nox

    Arigatougozaimas, Nintendo!

  • LordKaiser

    Reasons to buy a 3DS are piling up.

  • Kurisu Makise

    Square Enix can’t even publish their own game in the west, I’m so disappointed in them right now. Oh well, nicely done Nintendo, that’s how you earn my money…in 2014 geez what the hell NOA ><;

  • FFmax

    2014?! What the hell? Why so late?

  • fireemblembeast

    I love how the trailer says “Coming this year”…>_>; That’s trollish

  • Zero

    I’m glad Nintendo is bringing this over. Thanks a bunch!

    I have to admit, I’m a bit upset with the 2014 release window.

    Still… that’s better than no localization at all.

  • Ace0

    Sweet! Another RPG for my 3DS. 2014 feels so far away… But atleast it’s coming! :D

  • new_tradition

    I don’t mind the wait, I just hope the game gets some decent promotion to remind people it exists.

    There’s been recent talk about SE not doing as financially well as the expected. Could that be why Nintendo is publishing the game instead?

    • Elvick

      SE isn’t doing as well financially because they make stupid decisions. Like not localizing games in a timely manner, or at all. Among many other stupid things they do.

      • Justin Carpenter

        I’d wager they aren’t doing as well financially because they are making crappy games. Not counting Tomb Raider (which was good) their flagship games, the RPGS have been terrible going back to FF8 which was one of the worst (I’d exclude 9 from that because I really liked 9). You want good sales, make great games. You never hear about the company that makes Zelda having issues, or the people who make Pokemon. Make good games, you will sell a lot of them.

  • Sevyne

    Glad we’re getting it, but it’s total bullshit that Nintendo had to be the ones to pony up and get it to us. Square Enix has done nothing, but made crap decisions in localization and treated everywhere, but Japan like complete garbage.

    So yeah, props to Nintendo for giving the people what they want, and SE can still go to hell.

    • Kaihaku

      I think that Nintendo learned from Operation Rainfall. It’s refreshing to see a company remedy a mistake and adapt it’s policies going forward.

  • Tenshiken

    According to Kotaku they’re keeping the name “Bravery Default” for North America while changing it for Europe.

    • Mr Fwibbles

      It’s Bravely, not “Bravery”.

  • Ahmad Reyner Nabeel

    Another reason to buy 3DS eh??? Nintendo will make another cha-ching again because they know what player needs. Bravo for Nintendo! It looks like Square Enix totally doesn’t think about their fans again…

  • DingoOnMy40

    argh 2014

  • Raiu

    Good job Square Enix/Nintendo…

    Hope it won’t get delayed or something…. Looking at the release date, Europe will be getting it earlier than NA… What’s with the change of heart? In the past, it would be the other way around…

  • LordKaiser

    That princess looks so familiar…

  • PrinceHeir

    yeah they’re keeping the japanese voices :D

    also wtf Square Enix owns the IP even though Silicon Studio(3D Dot Game Heroes) developed it.

    freaking bastards!!!!

  • Willgaea

    I saw a male Clavat at 0:22. Oh and the girl looks like a female clavat.

  • Perry Como

    A mysterious message coming from nowhere…

  • Speedcow

    it looked so awesome at the begginning and then at the gameplay i though ” AW COME ON! I DONT WANT CHIBI!” well time to wait for a console game… my computer can’t take alot of stuff and my ds is slowly dieng.