Shin Megami Tensei IV: demon growth, whisper events, fairies, StreetPass, Samurai missions, and challenge quests
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Atlus has updated the official Shin Megami Tensei IV website with new details. The upcoming 3DS game will feature StreetPass support through a new Digital Devil Service, and offer over 100 “Challenge Quests” alongside the main story.

Find the full breakdown below.

Party Growth

  • Demons can increase their health and power by gaining experience points.
  • They can also grow by learning new skills. As they acquire new skills, it’s easier to strike an enemy’s weak point, and battles get easier through better tactics.
  • Among the demons, there are also some that level up, and “Ash Level Up” into completely different demons.

Whisper Events

  • As the Demons grow, they can teach you the skills they’ve learned themselves.
  • Once you’ve learned skills from various Demons, you’ll become a  fully grown up Samurai.

Barrows, the fairy

  • The Operating System called installed in the Gauntlet.
  • Barrows is an entity navigating various Samurai activities.
  • It’s also responsible for handling the “Demon Summons Program” which is installed in the Gauntlet and manages the Demon’s assignments, etc.

Digital Devil Service (DDS)

  • DDS is a proprietary Social Network Service, like a connection where demon-users can meet.
  • Through 3DS StreetPass, DDS can be used to boast about your Demons to other Samurai, Demon training, and indiscriminate fusion.

Samurai Missions

  • Requests received by people and various organizations who try to establish monasteries are called “Quests.” Managing those quests is also one of Burrough’s duties.
  • The Player progresses through the main story by completing quests.

Challenge Quests

  • Besides the “Main Quests” that progress the story, there are also “Challenge Quests” that can be tackled anytime.
  • Those Challenge Quests are challenges that can be played at any desired time. They are intended to provide the player with enjoyable Side Stories independent from the main story line.
  • There are over 100 different Challenge Quests included in the game.

View a new set of screenshots at the gallery.

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