PS4 “still in development in terms of final specs and design”
posted on 02.21.13 at 05:23 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Games won't support 4K, but movies and photos will.

When PlayStation 4 was announced in New York City last night, Sony showed the interface, the games, and told you what was inside, but they didn’t show what it looks like. According to Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Jack Tretton, that’s because it’s not yet ready.

“We’re certainly capable of showing playable game content,” Tretton told AllThingsD, “but we don’t have a mass-production box that we can bring out and pull out. That’s still in development in terms of final specs and design.”

The box will be shown later this year. But even so, Tretton says what it looks like isn’t as important as what it does.

“You certainly look at it when you insert a disc, but for most people, it’s behind a cabinet or on a shelf somewhere and you spend all your time looking at the screen. And we wanted to show people the screen.”

Additionally, Tretton confirmed to Polygon that while PlayStation 4 won’t support 4K output for games, it will support “for personal contents, like photos or videos.”

And one last bit—probably one assumed—Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida told Polygon that PlayStation 4 will not support the DualShock 3 controller. “But it does support PS Move,” he said.

Thanks, The Verge.

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