PS Vita’s onomatopoeic price cut commercial
posted on 02.28.13 at 06:35 PM EST by (@salromano)
Enjoy hunting. Because Jay Kabira told you to.

In promotion of its PS Vita price cut, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has begun broadcasting a new commercial for the handheld in Japan, featuring onomatopoeic noises from Jay Kabira, and hunting games like Soul Sacrifice, Toukiden, Phantasy Star Online 2. Watch it below.

Thanks, Famitsu.

  • Sal Romano

    I love it!

    • KurisuMakise

      Came to post this! Awesome, nice one SCEJ. However I hope that Hunting Action is not the only genre that will thrive on PS Vita. Hopefully the traditional RPGs, the Visual Novels and Adventure titles can enjoy the Handheld surge too =(

  • Dean Winchester


  • Solomon_Kano

    This is good lol.

  • uhawww


  • almostautumn

    I love it! Three awesome games expressed in an energetic way with a simple slogan that says what it should; Sony has finally found a decent advertising group!

    • Sal Romano

      I like this guy’s voice. They should use him more often. He looks kind of like Jason Bateman from Arrested Development. xD

      • Arthur

        He played a Vietnamese CEO in the J-drama Priceless.

      • almostautumn

        lmao! He totally does! I like him too; the facial-expression swap is downright sincere. I’m sure all Gematsu visitors understand how immersed a gamer can be in a title, and so I totally dig that concentrated, constipation look, to sudden smile, massive enjoyment grin!

  • Prodigy-X

    Where does Sony come up with these crazy effective commercials for Japan.

    • HassanJamal

      Its in their Japanese blood.

  • Raiu

    This commercial pretty much sums it up on the Vita in its current state… Three MH-like Hunting games with a price cut… I like the guy’s voice though…

    • Prodigy-X

      Your point you act like Sony gives a damn about MH. They know it will eventually come to PS Vita but with this Price cut and Soul Sacrifice I wouldn’t be surprise if the sales start to take off.

      • Raiu

        Actual MH on the Vita… I believe it when I see Capcom announcing it…. Anything to wash my eyes after MH4’s ugly textures…

        • Skerj

          Don’t know who disagreed with you but MH4 does have some insanely ugly textures. It’s not a knock against 3DS since we know it’s capable of better but my god what was Capcom on when they did some of that texture work?

          • Elvick

            I think the character/monster models look fine, the rest though? Ew. Especially the ground textures.

            • tubers

              TBF, don’t start looking at Soul Sacrifice floor textures.

          • shogunknight

            Hahaha, true. I noticed that too, sometimes i feel like Capcom is actually avoiding to make a good looking MH on vita or the 3ds.

      • Alvaro Bernedo

        Already taking off. There are some photos and reports of the Vita being already sold out at some Japanese retailers.

        I guess it will be even better next week with the release of Soul Sacrifice and Tales of Hearts R

        • Prodigy-X

          Exactly, Japan loves PlayStation & Nintendo although the PS Vita won’t reach the 3DS it will definitely do better than the PSP and it only gets better from here on out especially at E3 2013.

  • Angel Mass

    Enjoy Hunting? but No Monster Hunter on the system yet…

    • weyou

      Vita doesn’t need MHs with 3DS graphics. Time to move on with GE2, SS,…,

  • GaySkull

    Enjoy Hunting, Tobey M!
    PlayStation made hunting enjoyable. That is innovation.
    Toukiden I love you!

    Dragon’s Crown coming this August 2013!!!

  • GaySkull