Friend Network and Imaginstruments coming to PS Vita
posted on 02.25.13 at 03:48 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Two new social and music-creating applications.

Sony is bringing two new applications to PlayStation Vita this spring: Friend Network and Imaginstruments.

Friend Network

Already released in Japan and other Asian territories, Friend Network is a social application for PlayStation Vita featuring PlayStation mascot Toro the cat. Players can grown their network of PlayStation Network friends, depicted through the use of avatars “in a colorful environment,” and grow their own town space.

The goal of Friend Network is to reach 100 friends within the application. To do this, players can meet up in lobbies and exchange virtual “business cards,” which contain information that players can use to get to know others.

The game will come “fully integrated” with social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Players will be able to ask that friends plant crops in their garden, expand their town yard space, and more.


Already released in Europe, Imaginstruments is a “one-of-a-kind” music application that allows uers to create and manipulate a multitude of sounds and instruments using a “slew” of composition tools.

Players can create entire songs from scratch and save the to their PS Vita memory cards. In “Passive” mode, players can create “complex rhythms” for their tracks, and in “Active” mode, melodies using instruments like guitar or violin. A “Sequencer” mode “takes parts of your drum and rhythm sequences to help you construct the song, and then record it.”

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