Tales of Hearts R’s latest Dual Mystic Artes revealed

Plus, formal attire for Calcedny and cat ears for Jadeite.

January 8, 2013 / 07:36 PM EDT / (@salromano)

Famitsu this week has new details on some of Tales of Hearts R‘s new Dual Mystic Artes, characters, costumes, and attachments. 

Dual Mystic Artes (English names not official)

  • Shing and Amber: Shining Phoenix (麟凰天翔駆)
  • Amber and Beryl: Crimson Blue Waltz (青紅円舞曲) – Amber and Beryl create a swirl of fire and water and simultaneously fire it at the enemy.


  • Kornerupine (コーネルピン)
  • Labrado Arcome (ラブラド・アーカム)
  • Chlorseraph (クロアセラフ)
  • Clinoseraph (クリノセラフ)
  • Corundum (コランダーム)

Costumes and Attachments

Screenshots in Famitsu show Calcedny wearing a “Formal Attire” costume, and Jadeite wearing a “Cat Ears” attachment.

Thanks, Tale Tale Source.

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