Nintendo to help Japanese devs bring 3DS games overseas
posted on 01.31.13 at 12:01 AM EDT by (@salromano)
'We will increase the number of such games in the U.S. and Europe.'

Nintendo will help Japanese game developers bring their 3DS titles to the overseas market, company president Satoru Iwata has said during the company’s latest financial results briefing.

“As the handheld devices occupy a large share of the video game market and software for handheld devices is important in the video game business in Japan, Japanese software developers are eagerly assigning their top teams to develop key titles for Nintendo 3DS,” said Iwata.

He continued, “We therefore plan to more actively support the Japanese software developers in distributing their key titles overseas this year.”

Among those games developed and published in Japan, there have been some games Nintendo has already published in Europe, such as the Professor Layton series.

“We will increase the number of such games for the U.S. market as well as in Europe,” he said. “We are also willing to flexibly assist third-party developers in distributing their valuable games overseas.”

What 3DS games would you like to see Nintendo help localize?

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