Nintendo Direct to reveal new Wii U games tomorrow
posted on 01.22.13 at 09:25 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata to show off new titles.

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata will reveal new games for Wii U during a new Nintendo Direct presentation tomorrow at 6 a.m. PST / 9 a.m. EST / 2 p.m. GMT / 3 p.m. CET / 11:00 p.m. JST, Nintendo has announced.

The company has confirmed presentations for all territories.

Stay tuned.

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  • SasuleUchiha

    Suikoden UI

    Ghost Trick U

  • Haku_Luvs_You

    For the love of god.. Senran Kagura U! I would also settle for Love Plus U :) Unfortunately I don’t think either will happen, so we’ll just wait and see.

  • Potionzmaster

    Would Bayonetta 2 count as a new reveil? Hopefully we’ll get something anyway :)

  • Sal Romano

    NA broadcast confirmed.

  • Guest

    Come on Nintendo… show something new and exiting my WiiU wants to let its power out… please.

  • Cat Flames

    Square Enix has that devs that did the Mass Effect 3 port working on one of their games being ported to WiiU… I have a feeling we will see it tomorrow …maybe Final Fantasy Lightning Returns? We shall see! so exited!!

  • Guest

    Wait is it really 9am on EST or is it 9pm? 11:00 JST = 9pm EST right? 8pm maybe do to daylight savings?

  • Claude

    My body is readiness for this.

  • Sal Romano

    The sheer thought of seeing more Nintendo franchises in high-def is exhilarating. I wannnnnt:

    – Mother U
    – The Legend of Zelda U
    – Pokemon U
    – Donkey Kong U
    – Monolith Soft’s New Game U
    – 3D Mario Game U
    – Animal Crossing U

    *I do not actually want the letter “U” in the titles of any of these games. Please, keep it away.

    • Zero

      “I do not actually want the letter “U” in the titles of any of these games. Please, keep it away.”

      I’m so glad you posted that. I agree so much.

    • SasuleUchiha

      Legend of Zelda and Monolith Soft games are the most exciting for me.

  • FlameEmperor

    Some new Bayonetta 2 footage would be nice (/o.o)/ also some news on Zelda HD or Metroid HD…. Smash Bros too >.> and um……. Announcement of Metal Gear Sold: Ground Zero Wii U version :D?