Fight Pascal and Hubert in Tales of Hearts R’s Arena
posted on 01.30.13 at 07:42 AM EDT by (@salromano)
But they didn't come dressed in their standard attire.

Tales of Hearts R, like previous Tales games before it, will feature an arena mode where you can fight characters from the series’ past.

Jump this week confirms you’ll be able to fight Pascal and Hubert from Tales of Graces F. But instead of their regular outfits, they’re donning Toro and Kuro costumes (hosts of Toro Station, widely known as the mascots of PlayStation in Japan).

If you’re able to defeat the two Graces characters, you’ll get Toro and Kuro head attachments.

Also shown in the Jump this week: bathing suit download costumes.

Thanks, Re: Gigen (via @kazu4281).

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