Tales of Hearts R Soma Build system detailed
posted on 12.19.12 at 07:32 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Production I.G. to handle PS Vita port's 10 new anime scenes.

Famitsu this week has the latest update on Tales of Hearts R.

Mystic Artes

  • Shing and Amber: first details on new Dual Mystic Arte in next Famitsu.
  • Amber and Jadeite: “Satsugeki Bukouken” and “Tsutsuinuwashi Tsugaikaze.” These are the same artes from the DS version.

Soma Build
Players can level-up their party to obtain Soma Build Points (SBP), which can be allocated to Spir Parameters to strengthen their stats. This is tied to Soma Evolve. By evolving the Soma, players can obtain new skills.

Shing’s Spir Parameter’s include “Purity,” “Fighting Spirit,” “Faith,” “Will-Power,” and “Endurance.”

The Soma can be modified into different forms, judging by the equipment screen. Shing’s default Soma is Asteria, but it can also be changed to Rovash, Russell, Shedal, Jedick, or Meisa.

New Anime
Production I.G., known for Patlabor and the Ghost in the Shell series, as well as the intros and artwork for Tales of Symphonia, will create the game’s 10 new anime cutscenes.

Other Bits

  • Some event scenes will feature illustrations.
  • Characters Richea and Incarose are introduced.

Thanks, Tale Tale Source, Game Nyarth.

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