Tales of Hearts R Japanese demo date set
posted on 12.16.12 at 10:12 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Keep your data for early access to four character swimsuits.

Following its magazine announcement, Namco Bandai has officially dated Tales of Hearts R for a March 7, 2013 release in Japan. It will cost 6,480 yen at retail and 5,830 yen on the PlayStation Store. 

As a Christmas gift, the publisher will release a downloadable demo for Tales of Hearts R on the PlayStation Store in Japan on December 25. It’s set in the Suntex Cathedral, and sees Shing and company in pursuit of “that character” who has skipped out on cleaning. All party members will be playable.

If you hold on to your demo save data until you purchase the retail version, you’ll gain access to Shing, Galando, Jadeite, and Beryl’s swimsuit outfits from the start of the game. Also in the full version, those who’ve kept their save data from Tales of Innocence R will gain access to Shing’s special skill “Demon Fang” and the head attachment “Coda.”

First-run bonuses for Tales of Hearts R include:

  • Tales of Hearts R: Infinite Evolve: a 2D action RPG using the same visual style as the original DS game and featuring cameo appearances from Tales series characters like Lloyd, Yuri, and Stahn. Play as Shing and Amber, defeat enemies and save money, upgrade content in the shop, and develop it in battle. Special skits are being prepared for each stage.
  • Tales of Kizna Special Cards
  • Tales of Card Evolve Special Cards
  • Tales of the World: Dice Adventure Special Items

Additionally, a “Link Edition” of the game will be sold for for 9,980 yen. It will include:

  • Tales of Hearts R Quest Clock app download code
  • Original Pouch
  • Original Cloth
  • Cradle
  • Cradle Face Cover
  • Original Protection Film
  • A copy of the game

View new, full-sized screenshots of Tales of Hearts R, including the “Demon Fang” ability and “Coda” attachment, Tales of Hearts R: Infinite Evolve, upcoming demo, and “Link Edition,” at the gallery.

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