Dark Souls II’s keyword is “time”
posted on 12.19.12 at 12:02 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Bits from this week's Famitsu interview.

Famitsu this week has a three-page interview feature on Dark Souls II

As previously detailed, Hidetaka Miyazaki, director of the first Dark Souls, will oversee development of Dark Souls II, but not direct it. He believes Dark Souls has great potential, and that it should not be imprisoned in a narrow frame.

Tomohiro Shibuya is one of Dark Souls II‘s directors. Miyazaki said he would leave Dark Souls II to Shibuya as much as possible.

Dark Souls II will have the same world view as the first game, but the story won’t directly be tied to the original. The first game could be the North Pole, for example, while the second game is the South Pole. Dark Souls II is set in a different time period.

Here are some other bits:

  • Weapon and item download content are unlikely.
  • The debut trailer was not in-game.
  • The keyword is “time.”
  • The game engine is changed. From Software is aiming for near-realistic representation and improved movement.
  • The team is investigating direct involvement between mutual players.

Thanks, Game Nyarth.

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