Wii U 15-minute intro video, Super Wii TV spot
posted on 11.09.12 at 07:43 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Can U handle all of this new Wii U footage?

Nintendo of Japan has launched a 15-minute introduction video showcasing its November 18-due game console Wii U.

The video highlights everything from gameplay to Wii U Chat to Miiverse to the internet browser and more.

Also included is a new Wii U television commercial airing in Japan, which bills the system as a “Super Wii.” Watch the clips below.

15-Minute Introduction Video

Super Wii TV Commercial

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  • bleach630

    Those family suppose to be a father , mother , son and daughter, but i cant tell whos the mother and whos the daughter o.O.

  • PrinceHeir