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Earth Defense Force 4 details, Fami-shots
posted on 09.12.12 at 03:23 PM EST by (@salromano)
The first attack on humans in eight years. has gone live with its online preview of Earth Defense Force 4. That means first details and screenshots. Here’s a translation of their reveal article.

Earth Defense Force vs. Huge Creatures!

Introducing the newest title in the Earth Defense Force action game series greatly supported by many core gamers. It’s been 7 years since Earth Defense Force 3 first appeared on the Xbox 360 in late 2006. The sequel is being developed for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The alien lifeforms known as “Foreigners” were once drove to extinction. However, the invasion was not over…

What we know so far

In 2017, humans made contact with alien life forms. In response to the human’s appeal for discussion, the alien life forms responded with a vehement attack. So the Earth Defense Force began a counterattack, calling the alien life forms “Foreigners”.  However, the Foreigners subdued the humans into a corner with their reproductive abilities and advanced technology. So the Earth Defense Force initiated a suicide attack strategy aimed at the enemy’s mothership. Because failure was not an option, it was carried out by the Elite Force Storm. Without the mothership, the Foreigners left Earth, and within one year the Earth Defense Force exterminated the rest of the huge creatures that remained.

The first attack on humans in 8 years

In Arizona, the human who defeated the last creature began the overwhelming task of rebuilding civilization. What ended up being a great help to the revival ironically wound up being Foreigner technology. Humans achieved revival after a long time, but on June 28 2025, a state of emergency broke out. Many of the huge creatures buried themselves underground, stayed hidden and began breeding again. The humans had been enjoying peace for only so long… In order to extinguish this nightmare once more, the Earth Defense Force stand once more as the hope of humanity. They have formed into a strong military, brought on by the knowledge of the universe.


A special battle soldier. They are battle experts who are good at handling a variety of weapons. They are the core of land combat units and are able to support in every situation.

Wing Diver

Wing Divers are aerial soldiers, equipped with wings used for flight, they are a Special Force made up of only women. They were formed as a trump card against the termination of the alien creatures. They manipulate a super weapon brought from a technology outside of Earth.

Carapace Creature

This huge creature has a form like an ant. Not only does it attack with a strong jaw and acid, it also performs a consuming action.

Spider Creature

This huge creature spits powerful web that keeps human forces from moving. If you get caught in the web, it robs you of physical strength.



A huge bipedal robot with high offensive abilities. It’s confirmed that in the war of 2017, both arms could be equipped with several kinds of weapons.

Transport Ship Carrier

It doesn’t seem to have any fighting power, however enemies descend from these ships in succession.


This huge creature has the long legs of a wasp spider. It builds it’s nest within the city and waits for it’s prey.

Large parties can play online

Large numbers of people will be able to play online in both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. Details on what kind of missions you’ll fight together on are unclear at the moment, but we look forward to finding out!

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  • Budgiecat

    Why is it always only bugs now? What happened to the Godzilla like monsters from Global Defense force?

    • Tre W

      I wouldn’t worry. The various Kaiju will appear sooner or later. Just like they did in EDF3/2017.

      But killing gigantic bugs has always been a hallmark of this series. It’s one of the few things that Western-made EDF:Insect Armageddon got right.

    • Kobracon

      Its never only bugs. It always starts with bugs, but eventually there will be Kaijus and giant robots and MASSIVE UFOs

  • Nothing against the game or anything, but I always wondered how this series managed to keep going, lol. It doesn’t seem like it would be capable of doing so. It always struck me as a mediocre game at best, but there must be SOMETHING about it if they always have enough to fund a sequel.

    • Kobracon

      Its like Dynasty Warriors to a point. The graphics are subpar, the voice acting is so terrible its funny, and the story is almost not there, but its just the pure catharsis of killing these GIGANTIC (and I mean MASSIVE) enemies with increasingly ridiculous weapons. Hell in Insect Armageddon, you get a sniper that fires NUKES with each bullet.

      IMO thats why this series keeps going. Its just fun. People love playing it coz it never stops being ridiculous, fun and ridiculously fun.

      •  Oh, lol. Yeah, I remember seeing something from one of them a while back and thought to myself, “Why would someone play this? Everything seems so… Bad”, haha. I guess underneath all of the stuff you described, there is a certain enjoyment you get from playing it. There are plenty of people that still play Dynasty Warriors and I’m not sure why (I prefer Sengoku Basara, personally).

        • Kobracon

          I LOVE Basara but I suppose DW is nostalgic to me. And the current DW has a body count far exceeding Basara. Holding my breath for the next Basara though. Should be awesome!

  • YES!!! Finally a game for me ugh its been so long :D

  • Kobracon

    WOOT! The return of the female flying soldiers from EDF2! Its finally gonna stop being a sausage-fest!