Sega trademarks Shining Ark

Shining the Holy Ark Remake incoming?

August 14, 2012 / 12:41 AM EDT / (@salromano)

Sega’s most recent entry in the Shining series, Shining Blade, debuted on PSP in Japan this March. Its next game might be called Shining Ark, if a recent Japanese trademark is anything to go by.

The name is similar to Sega’s 1996 first-person RPG Shining the Holy Ark (pictured). Perhaps a remake is in order?

Thanks, Siliconera.

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  • PrinceHeir

    oh yes please Sega!!!!!!

    also where the hell is Valkyria Chronicles, Yakuza HD Collection, Shining Blade and Shining Heart??

  • zakou

    Shining Heart for PS3 please

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Shining Force III on PSN and Vita please.

    Although I’m sure sega will go full R-tard and release it exclusive to XBLA like Guardian Heroes and Radiant Silvergun b/c the largest audience that is receptive to distinctly niche JPN games and genres resides on an American system that has been completely dead in their homeland for years right?

  • whiteferrero

    Don’t fail me Sega! XD waiting for nice news in gamescom. A remake would be awesome. XD But I am hoping for something valkyria related.

  • chinglee

    Bet it’s gonna be another handheld title like Shining Blade and we’ll never see a localization :(