Dead Island: Riptide, Sacred 3 to debut at PAX - Gematsu
Dead Island: Riptide, Sacred 3 to debut at PAX
posted on 08.24.12 at 09:54 PM EST by (@salromano)
Exclusive demos and live multiplayer walkthroughs.

Dead Island: Riptide and Sacred 3 will make their public debut at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, Washington next weekend, Deep Silver has announced. 

Riptide‘s showing includes “exclusive demonstrations” led by the game’s senior creative producer Sebastian Reichert. Sacred 3‘s includes “live multiplayer gameplay walkthroughs” with senior creative producer Issac Parakhen. The sequel’s side-scrolling arcade game cousin, Sacred Citadel, will also be playable.

Stay tuned.

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  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Double Meh.
    I dont think I could be less interested in any two games.

    Zombies are soooooo played out and Sacred 3??? Sacred 2 was so boring.

    Anybody excited for either of these?

    • Rafi

      Just me maybe.

    • I am. I loved Dead Island, I had so much fun with it. Played by myself, and co-op. It’s an awesome zombie game, and in my opinion second only to the original Resident Evils. I’m looking forward to Riptide, can’t wait to see what they added and improved. All I’m hoping for is

      -More variety in the skill trees with skills, and attack moves.
      -A full day and night cycle.
      -Seamless area transitions.
      -More enemy variety.
      -More mission variety.
      -More interesting set pieces to discover while exploring.


      • Malcolm Reynolds

        Sounds like youre gonna enjoy the new Dead Island then!

        • Hopefully. Unless the devs listen to outraged gamers and change what made it so good. Cause that’s a disturbing trend going around lately.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Well this is the self entitled generation you speak of. Cry, piss and moan loud enough and devs will cave in apparently.
            Hopefully the devs make the game they want to make and not the game a bunch of basement dwelling teet suckling crybabies want.

            I agree.