Dragon Quest X Nintendo Direct broadcast

38 minutes of Dragon Quest X footage.

July 30, 2012 / 04:50 PM EDT / (@salromano)

Nintendo and Square Enix hosted a Dragon Quest X Nintendo Direct broadcast earlier this morning. It’s since gone live with the entire, 38-minute stream on YouTube, which features tons of gameplay footage in anticipation of the MMORPG’s Thursday release in Japan. Watch the clip below.

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  • inuyasha

    The MMOS have ruined my favorite gaming franchises, damn

  • zakou

    Finally what i wanted, a DQ game where the monsters freely roam the beautiful world of DQ :D my favorite gaming franchise is better now ^^

  • Akira_Tenshi

    This looks great. I just don’t have much hope for a western release, especially on Wii.

  • talesoffan

    If only this wasn’t an MMO. :(