The Last Guardian will ship “when it is absolutely ready”
posted on 06.05.12 at 09:00 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Team Ico's PS3 title has no business plan.

E3 kicked off this week, and when Sony’s press conference ended, The Last Guardian was nowhere to be seen. What’s the hold up? We’re not sure. But according to Sony senior vice president of product development Scott Rohde, the game is still in development and will be out “when it is absolutely ready.”

“I will not give you a detailed update, but I will say one thing. It goes back in my mind to innovation and to gamers and to quality,” Rhode told GameSpot. “That title is going to ship when it is absolutely ready.”

Sony does not have a business plan for The Last Guardian, allowing the team to take as much time as they need.

“And I think that’s a really important thing to remember; that it would be very easy to ship a game when it’s not quite ready because we need to meet a business plan,” he said. “Gamers are first. And the experience that we provide is first. And that’s why we’re going to talk about that game when we’re ready to talk about it.”

Best to hope for the Tokyo Game Show, then?

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